Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why I am home and the beginnings of my grocery stockpile.

So, if you remember we were going to go on the road with Chris and stay with him in the motel?
Well, we didn't make it there and this is why...

We all packed up our clothes, ect. and were getting everything in order to leave with him.
Now, that particular day it was raining like mad. As we were going down the interstate all of a sudden Chris can't keep the car in the road.
It was hydroplaning so bad that it almost got us all killed. Even when he put on the hazard lights and slowed down to 40mph the car was still skidding all over the interstate. Sounds funny to say this but we were literally like a stick of butter on a hot skillet. I swear it was THAT bad.
So, We had to get off the road and call for help. Luckily a coworker came and got Chris and took him to work.

Then the dealership looked the car over and said it had come out of alignment. "Bring it back tomorrow at 1:00 and we'll get it fixed." Long story shortened, I went back the next day and was told they couldn't do it, "call tomorrow." Well I called yesterday and they said, "Call Monday." I'm really starting to feel like I am getting the runaround!

So as it stands I am still without water, I have a car that I can't drive in any amount of rain or I'll be killed. It's just nuts!

I am so glad today is the last day of Jan. and hope Feb. is better.
Strangely enough I am not in a bad mood. I'm not giddy but I'm not depressed about it either. I'm just looking forward to moving on.

Instead of sulking I've been focusing on the grocery stockpile since it has been sunny and dry here the past couple of days. I went through every coupon insert I have and cutting out anything and everything food related that we normally use. I made one fairly big trip to a chain grocery store I haven't been to in ages and they doubled my coupons. I saved over $50 in my first trip. I know I will do even better than that as time goes on and I learn the ropes.

Here is what I have gotten so far. This is 3 different trips to different stores that were having sales that I could match up most of my coupons with. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.
More later...


Ryan said...

Looks like you have a good start Kristie! I wouldn't have room for those racks anywhere.

On our way home from LI last night, we had a similar problem with our van. We were sliding all over from about 2 inches of snow on the road. Pretty scary.

We would offer you guys use of our running water if you lived closer. Take Care.

Kristie said...

Ryan, you are too sweet! I only wish I had a neighbor as nice as you. Instead I got, well...their just not nice.
That's what we get for being the first ones in a new undeveloped area I guess. You just never know who will move next door. County or not they should've had more strict regulations here.

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