Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Total Chaos!

UPDATE: As you can see we got very little accomplished. Things were just too chaotic, what with him on the phone with the office MOST of the day trying to decide if he was going to be sent here, or there, or there, or NOW, or tomorrow, or next week! It ruined everything! One minute he needed to be packed ASAP, the next minute someone else offered to fill in for him. I tell ya that company relies on him too doggone much. They need to just clone him already.

Besides that it rained ALL day.

Status: All the pipes are bought but none installed. Still no running water.

Chris leaves out tomorrow and we are going with him. I've hired someone to stay here at the house while we're gone to keep an eye on things, and make sure the animals are fed, and watered- water they are bringing in jugs! LOL
I can't take another week of this and the company was kind enough to allow us to accompany him and stay at the motel. Thank goodness.
I'll have Caleb's laptop with me so I will still be accessible. And, I'll be CLEAN, clean, clean, I tell ya.

I will be so happy to get back home and get those lines dug, pipes installed, and have this bad beginning of 2009 behind us.
I'm typing this to do list mainly to help myself remember. We've got a very busy day ahead of ourselves. Feel free to read it if you're really that bored. lol

Pick up refund check. DONE
Go to Lowe's and buy all new water pipes/insulation, and shelving for grocery stockpiling, etc. DONE
Get the guy with the backhoe out here to get started re-digging the water lines and fix driveway. reschedule
Call and order two truckloads of rock to be delivered for new driveway. reschedule
Replace ALL the water lines and pipes under the whole house and yard! reschedule
Spread rock evenly over driveway, fill in any low areas. reschedule
Move garage, cut out stump, put down rock, put garage back in place positioned better. reschedule
More insulation under house. reschedule
Hook the washing machine back up. DONE but still no water!
Go to laundromat, wash up all the clothes. DONE

Chris get his stuff together to go back to work Wednesday. DONE

Clip coupons and go get started on the groceries for the stockpile. DONE

More later, as if that wasn't enough! lol


Ryan said...

Hope you get everything checked off your list Kristie! Good luck!

Ryan @ Catskill Country Cupboard

Gabbriella said...

:( I feel so bad for you...it would make me just wnat to run away & never come back

Ryan said...

Sorry to hear things aren't going as planned. Make sure you take some "me time" time to relax during your stay with Chris.

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