Friday, January 09, 2009

Just sighing over here right now.

Well here it is Friday night, actually in less than 10 minutes it will be Saturday, and I do not have a plan worked up for CVS tonight. (gasp!)

Usually I have my plans worked up, coupons pulled and ready at least 2, sometimes 3 weeks in advance. I don't know whether to panic and try to throw a plan together in a mad rush, or just pass on it this week.

It's no big deal really. I just wanted to do a deal or two while Chris was actually home to see the plans in action. You can tell someone how it is done until you're blue in the face but showing is way better, helps it "click" easier. lol So anyway, little by little he is understanding exactly how getting all the stuff for (basically) free works. So, I sort of feel obligated not to miss tonight's CVS run. I feel like the tutor that doesn't want to go teach her class. LOL For some reason I can't get in the mood to work up a plan. It takes more planning and preparing than most people want to put into it. I think that is why more folks don't do it. It can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to several days to get a precise plan of action on paper. Even now, a year and half into working the Extra Care program, I still take a long time in my planning. Maybe that's just me though.

I don't know what to do except sigh and procrastinate.
I've glanced over the ad and it's not a great one this week. I think that is part of why I can't get motivated. I could probably do the medicine deal but, we are medicine "poor" here as it is. I've got about every over the counter med that is made. If you've got a cough, the sniffles, diareaha, dry eyes, need fiber, need energy, have a headache, have a toothache, allergies, or if your back is hurting, your breath stinks, or a boo-boo, I've probably got something I could give you for it.

OK, so I got a little carried away there, didn't I. Sorry. I guess that just proves what I said about procrastinating.
By this time tomorrow you'll know the outcome. I always try to post a picture of what I get. So here's hoping I get my mojo up soon and am able to get in a plan making groove quick, before I need to go to bed! Ha, ha, ha.

Night all!

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