Monday, January 26, 2009

Stockpiling Food

There are so many awesome grocery stockpiling pictures over at Hot Coupon World. I admit that I get envious when I look at them because I want to stockpile non perishable foods. I have one little problem though. No place to put it!
When we built our kitchen we didn't include a pantry in the plans and honestly no real storage spaces at all. Most of you have heard that all before.

BUT, lately I've been dying to get started and really considering what I could do for storage. There is one wall here in my "office" where I could potentially put up a deep shelf, say 10ft. high and 10 ft. wide. The problem is that wall already has a large table butted up to it that is loaded down with stuff already.

I'm thinking I'll box it all up and put it- who knows where?! (I really have no idea!) and take the table out and put in that shelf, and finally get started stockpiling food. I detest clutter so I am hoping I can figure it out.

I'm also thinking I will start out with a budget of $500 and a load of coupons and see what I can do.

So here is what I need for you to do. I need you to hold me to my commitment! I'm serious. Make sure I get started and post pictures to be accountable. Can you do that? I know you can. ;)

First things first though. I need to totally clean out the cabinet area under my sink. That is where I put canned goods but it is all jumbled up right now and needs a good bleaching in there. How is it that cabinet bottoms get so grungy???


scrapper al said...

I used to be a stockpiler and some people still consider me to be a stockpiler, but compared to people at HCW, I'm an amateur, lol. Unless you have the room to stockpile now, I don't see any need to start now.

Brighton Early said...

ooh! Good luck! Can't wait to see how far your coupons get you! :D

Peggy said...

Okay girl get busy and stockpile!! I turned a coat closet in the livingroom we never use into a pantry. I put shelves in and am filling it up a little each week

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