Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Just In...

Today I got my last pieces of published jewelry back from Bead Trends and thought I'd share them now that I'm allowed to. Along with my books, gift certificate, and my jewelry was a lovely hand written note from one of the publishers.
She says:
Kristie, I had a go at making fabric beads cause I love this bracelet you made- and I learned they are hard! I appreciate your beautiful bracelet even more now!

Isn't that just so sweet of her?! I appreciate her little note even more than being published. How nice of her to take the time to be personable and write that.
I will be keeping the note in the book on the page with the picture of the bracelet.
Adorned in Amethyst is in Bead Trends magazine Feb. '09 issue on page 31.

It is made of thirty one genuine Amethyst gemstones that are tear drop shape and multifaceted. They are a gorgeous deep purple shade. Length is 17" long with lobster clasp.

Eternal Roses is my newly published bracelet and you can see it in Bead Trends magazine Feb. '09 issue on page 47.

What makes this bracelet so unique are the focal beads that are hand made (by me) from fabric.
Each strip of fabric is meticulously measured for uniformity, cut, rolled, adhered, and sealed to ensure strength and durability. It is a very time consuming project indeed, but the end result is very lovely.

For a closer look, or to purchase go HERE.


Janera said...

Kristi, I love your jewelry so very much! And you know I have never been a jewelry girl. I could just go crazy buying your pieces!

My beautiful bracelet broke the first time I wore it! Clumsy as I am, I snagged it on something. I told you I'm not good with jewelry! But I'm going to get it fixed and wear it all the time. I love it!!

Kristie said...

OMGosh, Janera! Were you able to collect most of the pearls and gemstones? I can repair it for you, no problem! I will email you right now in case you don't see this.

Janera said...

OH, Kristie. Don't worry! I just hooked it on a handle and didn't realize it. When I pulled away sharply, it snapped, but nothing came off.

It will be easy to fix, I'm sure.