Sunday, February 01, 2009

CVS loot for Sat. Jan. 31st

I got $98.87 worth of product for only .28, yes .28 CENTS!

My plan worked out SWEET! I was only able to get 5 boxes of Electrasol at CVS, but even so my $/$$ coupon that CVS emailed to me paid all the taxes on it and my other coupons. (THANK YOU SO MUCH, CVS!)
I also grabbed yet another Fusion Gamer razor, a Gillette body wash, 4 L'oreal cleansers, Excedrin, 2 Theraflu, 2 packs of Whiskas Temptations cat treats, and went in the negative!
So, I grabbed a .50 roll of Spree candy and my total OOP (out of pocket) was .28 for everything. I used $30 in EBs and got back $31.49 in EBs.

I then proceeded to WM where they were more than happy to price match on the Electrasol, and were even as excited as I was about having "all those coupons." So, I grabbed 12 more boxes there. I got 17 total boxes of Electrasol between CVS and WM.
I am home. I am officially out of Electrasol coupons, and I am one very happy shopper. Shopping for free is the bestest.


scrapper al said...

All these deal crack me up. We use our dishwasher about once a week so your Electrasol haul would last us about eight years, lol.

Kristie said...

LOL. I am sure I will still have Electrasol looooong after this dishwasher gives out!!
Ours does at least one load a day, and sometimes two.

Brighton Early said...

Seriously. I don't get it! HOW do you do this!??!?

I'm serious...I want answers! :D

email me: brightonearly2007 at gmail dot com

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