Saturday, June 30, 2007

New today.

Just listed. Please have a look. :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Big, Huge, SALE.

Buy one pair of earrings and get the second pair half off.

PLUS for every pair you buy at full price, not only do you get a second pair half off but you can also chose something from this section for FREE!

Basically you can get 3 pairs of earrings (think early holiday shopping) for under $10- $15- or $20 depending on what you chose. I can't offer a better deal than that! Please have a look. Thanks!

How to take advantage of this?
You can add the items to your cart, checkout, but do not pay and I will send you a revised invoice. OR, if you want to pay now I will refund the difference back to you. If you're really confused just convo me and I'll "walk" you through it till you've got what you want.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gone again!

If you don't see me for the next couple of days don't call out the search party! LOL

Chris has to work at the office the next couple of days-the office is 75 miles away.
So, instead of driving back and forth both days I'm going to go with him and get a room for the night.

I don't know where I'll be staying but I plan on bringing the laptop with me in case they do have a wireless connection.
Off topic...
Isn't that flower pretty?
Me and my friend Karen made it. She tore the layers and chalked it. I added "water" droplets, glitter, made the leaves, and added genuine cultured pearls to the center. Around on the back is a wire loop (that I used to thread the pearls in place), and it could be used to hang ribbons from the flower, or prop it on a shelf. It's way to nice to use as a gift bow. It's more of a keepsake. I think it would look good next to the fine china in a china cabinet. But, that's just me. :)

Right now that is the only one of it's kind but I've been trying to convince Karen to sell them on Etsy. They're totally different from all the other flowers I've seen there. What do you think?

They take quite a while to make though. I wouldn't part with it for less than $15 or $20- no way, no how. LOL

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kinda funny, kind of sad.

I can't believe that I'm going to admit this but maybe it will give some of you a good laugh...

First let me remind you that Chris works a LOT. He is typically only home for 4-5 days out of an entire month.
He wasn't able to be home for any of the major holidays or any of the birthdays in our family.
By some miracle he was sent home on June 15th, and so for the first time in what seemed forever he was still home for Father's Day on the 17th.

Well, the 17th passes and so did the 18th and 19th. In all honesty we were a bit astonished that he hadn't been called back to work by now.
Anyway, I don't know where our minds were! At about 3am on the eve of June 20th it hits me like a ton of bricks that -YESTERDAY was our wedding anniversary and we both COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT!!!! I mean HOW did that happen? June 19th was our 19th anniversary. That should have been easy to remember! LMBO
This has never, ever happened before.

I guess there really is a first time for everything. It's so sad yet so funny at the same time.

I think we both forgot because he's not used to being home and I'm not used to him being here either. He was away at work on our last two anniversaries and we must have gotten out of the "habit." And as "luck" would have it, he was called in to work the very next day on the 20th so we weren't even able to go out for dinner and pretend like we remembered. LOL

Chris knows I love him. I don't need a special dinner or a fancy gift any way. I know that forgetting the day doesn't mean we don't care. I know that I am loved. Heck I'm spoiled to bits!!
Happy belated 19th anniversary to us. This is me raising my glass and looking forward to 19 more. :o)

Monday, June 25, 2007

New and Clearance

Buy one pair of earrings and get the second pair half off.
You can add the items to your cart, checkout, but do not pay and I will send you a revised invoice. OR, if you want to pay now I will refund the difference back to you.
I've decided to keep this sale going until my shop is down to five pages, or I change my mind. Which ever comes first. :)
Happy Shopping!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back To What Really Matters.

Cherokee National Forest

Today the family went on a picnic and I enjoyed it so much. I LOVE living in the mountains of Tennessee more than I can ever express with words. Every time we get a chance we take off for a path unknown and it is so, SO much fun. There is beauty around every corner and signs of simpler times can still be found in many areas here. Ahh, relax and take in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. :)
This is a little dog (beagle?) that greeted us when we arrived at the picnic area. She didn't have a collar but I do believe she has an owner. She was very quiet and sweet. We shared our dinner with her and she was such a polite eater. LOL She ate calmly and tenderly. I wonder where she lives...
This is my honey bun and one of three reasons I get out of bed each day. I tell him but I don't think he realizes how much better I feel when he is home. I love you, Chris. ((hugs))
There were several adjoined ponds and they were chock full of Goldfish! Have you ever seen such a thing? I haven't. They sure did like the biscuits we fed to them.
The adjoining ponds on the property.
Chris went for a walk a bit deeper into the woods and took this picture of a stream he happened upon. It's beautiful!
I "stitched" two photos together to try and give a better idea of the view from our picnic site.
OMGosh. This cabin was nestled away in the mountains on the way to the Cherokee. On our way to the park I just got a fast glance of it and knew I had to get some pictures of it on the way back out. I LOVE it!! I really wish I could have gotten a picture of it from the side to show you.

It was small but not as small as it looks. From the side it was longer and had a large stone base. Truly as rustic as it gets and makes my heart skip a beat in excitement! This is the home of my dreams. Honest to God- it IS! I would love, love, love to live in this rickety old cabin up in the mountains, by the stream. I can just see my old baskets, a rocking chair, a quilt or two, and a little garden out back. Be still my heart!

There were roadside signs of homemade jams, jellies, honey and apple butter at the main base of the mountain but I started running my mouth- making conversation with the guys and forgot to keep an eye out for the "store." I doubt that it was open being as it is Sunday but I plan to find out where it is some day soon.
There was also a log cabin rental place that we passed. True, genuine, bone fide log cabins! They are privately owned by a couple that built them on their land. I wanted to stop and get info. on renting one but when we left from our picnic a really bad storm had set in and we weren't able to stop and check. Must do that also!
And last but not least a little bouquet of Brown Eyed Susan flowers that Chris and Caleb picked for me while on the nature walk. (YEP, they're in a coke bottle, LOL. That's the only "vase" we had at the moment. Isn't that sweet?! My favorite of all the wildflowers.

So there you have it. A nice day with family, food and no worries!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Etsy Vent!

If I had to rate my Etsy experiences as a buyer and seller on a scale from 1 to 5 I'd have to give it a 3.5 right now.
The reason it doesn't get all 5..., because some sellers there have deemed themselves the "Almighty" and will go out of their way to cut you down.
If you aren't part of the official administration and you're not pointing out REAL Etsy rules or guidelines then it's none of your business.
I'm referring to members that have made up their own set of rules and laws, if you will. Can you imagine the audacity?! Where do you buy the balls to start pushing your ideas of what is right and wrong on other people? Or maybe I should ask...what courage pills are they taking?!

Let me tell you something. Leave people alone! You are NOT Etsy Admin and your PERSONAL feelings on what is right and wrong do not apply to any one but YOU!

You may wake up one day and decide that you don't like the color green, (for example.)
You might even start a little group with other sellers that also hate the color green. But that does NOT give you the authority or the right to go around sending snarky convos to all the other sellers demanding that they remove every thing that is green from their shops! No sir!

Earlier tonight I went in the forums to post my SNS. For those that don't know it's a regular Sat. night event amongst the sellers. They post sales that are for Sat. night only.
It was started by a few certain sellers way back when, and somewhere along the way it was decided that you can not post your own SNS thread. Rather, you must post only to the SNS thread that is started by the "official" SNS thread starter. Well, I did not know this! I WAS going to post to the SNS thread originally-until I saw that it was 18 PAGES long.

My common sense tells me that there is no way my Saturday specials would ever be seen, much less read! Who has nothing better to do than read 18+ pages of SNS?! So, I started my own SNS thread. Within seconds of my post I was contacted by one of the founding SNS sellers. I was instructed not to take it upon myself to start my own SNS thread, and that I can only post SNS topics on the "official" SNS thread. I got slapped on the wrist and talked down to as if I were 3 years old.

In researching I noticed that not only was this person ten years younger than me (ha ha), but she is a nobody as far as Etsy is concerned. She's just a regular seller/member like me. She is NOT with administration and my seller fees do not pay to have her throw her weight around, and spend her Saturday nights looking for people like me that- God forbid- that made an SNS post off away from the original where it would actually be SEEN! GASP!! The nerve of me.

Since this took place and I've been educated about the type of people behind the induction of SNS I have decided that I want nothing to do with it or them. I do not want my name or my shop to be affiliated or associated in any way, shape, or form with the likes of those hateful, self righteous people. From now on my Sat. Special will be called by SSS, or Super Saturday Specials.
Saturday Night Special is a dumb name anyway. Who's buying a real gun on etsy? DER! You do know that SNS is a reference to the illegal obtaining of firearms, right?
So to you who decide it's your way or the highway...
to you that want to make up rules that aren't official Etsy policy...
to you I say SHOVE IT where the sun doesn't shine. Build a bridge and get over yourselves!

Really great sale tonight! Click here!!!

***SSS Super Saturday Special in my Etsy shop...
Buy one pair of earrings and get the second pair for half off and FREE SHIPPING on your entire order!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some new goodies for today.

Glittery Gumdrop Earrings
Butterfly Bracelet & Earrings

For the young or young at heart. I personally LOVE this bracelet and earring set. Made myself a set and wear them all the time because they just go well with everything!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bead Destahing- Click here.

I've made a destash section in my etsy shop. I seriously need to get rid of some beads! Please have a look.
I'll be adding to it regularly so check back every couple of days if you're interested.
Click the title and it'll take you to the destash section. Thanks! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Super Saturday Sale
Everything in my shop is 20% off today only. Have a look. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Echota Resort - LOTS of Pictures

Chris in bed.
Chris, Alex and Caleb in the hot tub.

Me and Caleb in the hot tub. No, I didn't cut my hair off. It's pulled up. :)~ lol

Alex and Caleb playing air hockey.
Alex relaxing in the master bedroom watching TV.
View of the kitchen from the upstairs loft.
Chris relaxing and watching TV downstairs in the living room.
Another pic. of the cozy little living room. It was so cute and inviting.
Caleb outside standing by the Jeep before we went out shopping.
A wide outside shot of the cabin. It was called Moose Lodge #56.

Our mini vacation at Echota Resort. I took 100 pictures in all, but here a "few" of the best.
I forgot that the first picture loaded would come up as the last. I thought I was listing them in the sequence that they happened. Oh well.
Chris got home Monday night and after he rested up from his long drive home I told him that I really needed to get out of this house. I needed a break so bad. He thought getting a cabin for a couple of nights might be a good idea.

We rented this cabin down in Sevierville (that's Tennessee) for anyone that doesn't know. lol
My pictures didn't turn out the best, but here they are.

It was a really cute little place. Very cozy and even had a bedroom in the upstairs loft. Caleb has always had a thing for loft rooms. There was a full size air hockey table up there and we all took turns getting hit by the puck! LOL Caleb hits it a bit too hard.

Out on the back deck there was a hot tub. Ahhh. I still can't believe I posted the picture of me in my bathing suit! I rarely post pictures of myself, much less of me in all my fat glory! Oh well, it was my vacation after all, and I needed that soak so bad.

The first picture- which was supposed to be the last picture- is just of Chris all snuggled up in the bed after a long day of hot tub soaking and grilling out on the back deck. lol Poor guy. Not.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the back deck but it was really in the thicket of the trees. It doesn't look like it in the pictures but the deck was a good 20 feet or more off the ground and was on a deep downhill slope from there. Not much way to get a pic. of it.

On the resort they also have a swimming pool, tennis courts, volley ball area and a club house. We drove by and gave it a glance but didn't partake in any of it. We really enjoyed ourselves more just relaxing back at the cabin in the privacy away from the noise of others. That is what we all wanted anyway. To just be away from every one and every thing.

It cost us a small fortune but I'm glad we went. I hope we get to go again before the summer is over.
The End :o)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bye For Now

My hubby is home and we're taking off on a mini vacation for a couple of days. I expect to be back around 6-15-07. Any orders placed while I'm gone will ship out just as soon I get back.

Monday, June 11, 2007

New Bridal Set

Do you think this is over-priced? (Click title to go to the listing.) Thanks!

"Postage" pendants/charms

I wanna call attention to these faux postage pendants.
I thought these would be a big hit when I listed them. I only listed 4 to start off with and had planned to list the rest if they sold well. They aren't selling at all and I can't figure out why. Surely $4.25 isn't too expensive?
They are made from my paper scraps, backed on thick chipboard and then heavy weight cardstock. After that they got a double coating of clear protective. I thought they were a cute and fun item but maybe they need to be marketed as something other than pendants? Sigh.

Friday, June 08, 2007

THE Contest is back, BABE!

Remember this? Well we're doing it again! Round 2 starts now! :o)

Contest for everyone!

In order to generate more traffic to my shop I am holding a contest!
All you have to do is go to my etsy shop via this link: and chose an item that is your favorite. Copy the link to the item and come back here and post it in the comments section.

You may enter more than once but each item number must be to a different item each time you post/enter. Chose carefully because the winner of the contest will win one of the items they posted as being their favorite!!

For every item you post you get an additional entry into the drawing. If you post 3 items, your name will be entered 3 times in the drawing. You get the idea!

Winner will be randomly chosen by my son Caleb. We're going to do a literal name in the "hat" drawing here. Nothing fancy. LOL

Contest is open starting now and goes until July 1, 07 midnight EST. The winner will be announced on July 2nd. No foolin'! :)

The "fine" print....(you knew there was going to be some right?) LOL
*No purchase necessary to play and does not increase your chances of winning.

*If for some reason the item that the winner chose as their favorite is not available (i.e. if it sells and I no longer have it- or can not duplicate it) you will be asked to chose from other items in my shop based on the same or lower dollar value as your originally chosen favorite.

New items will be added all the time so you might want to look more than once.

Now get out there and vote!! :)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Shout Outs and Simple Desires

In no particular order... These shout outs go to Auntie Di's De-Lites and princesslasertron.
To Auntie Di
THANKS for the way cool selection of buttons! Believe it or not I sorted through ALL of them. Separated out the smaller ones from the larger ones, because the smaller ones were falling through the weave in my basket. (I collect old raggedy wooden/wicker baskets) and the buttons just looked like they belonged in it. I put the smaller ones in one of my vases- see above. They'll reside there until I find the "perfect" glass container for them.
I put the basket-o-buttons in the corner next to my TV hutch, hat boxes, and a couple teddy bears. Thanks Auntie Di! I love my glorious massive button collection. :o)
Y'all go check out her store and show her some love!

And still on the subject of buttons... this next shout out goes to princesslasertron for the UBER cool button bouquet! Yeah I have simple desires.
Give me paper flowers and a box of buttons any day over diamonds and the latest gizmo's. I'm such an inexpensive date. Just ask my hubby. LOL

Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play.
Where seldom is heard, a discouragin' word. And the skies are not cloudy all daaaayyyyyy. :o)

Check out her store and grab yourself a button bouquet!

Oh and one last thing.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Revisiting Pictures.

These pictures were taken back in the fall of '06. I know it's not in the best lighting, they're too overshadowed and our Pug is needlessly in the frame. I don't care. I love them anyway. Chris (my hubby), and Caleb (my 13 yo son) were just there and I snapped a couple quick pictures.
I know they look posed/staged but they weren't.
Whenever my family sees me with the camera they just smile and don't make a fuss anymore. When your mom is a scrapbooker you learn early on that your picture can be made one of two ways. With you smiling, or with you trying to hide (which never works! LOL). Either way, Mom is snapping the picture. Might as well grin and bear it. :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

You should see this!

Holly Stott of Holly's Designs makes these awesome personalized items. She makes sketches from your pictures (color or B&W) and turns them in to pendants and/or keychain charms.

Very fast and great communication from her. She sends a rough draft for your approval and doesn't make the finished project until you give it the thumbs up. You can have her add any wording you want. A name, a date, both. I chose TLND because this will be part of hubbies Father's Day gift from me. It stands for true love never dies.
Super easy, fun, and very affordable from this sweet lady that is sharing her talents! Go check out her shop and get yourself a personalized piece of timeless history. :)

Just thinking out loud...

I love to alter things and I am thinking about making a couple of these mini drawer boxes to list on Etsy. Of course each one would be covered in different papers/patterns.
I just wonder if something like this would sell well? The whole thing is just under 6" squared with the drawers closed. Hmm...