Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Glad to be back!

Unplugged day has come and gone. It was ok. It would have been better if my oldest didn't think of it as being "grounded". He participated but was SO bored and made it kind of hard for me to really get in to it. He loves to read so that's what he did most of the time when he wasn't whining about how bored he was. LOL

I thought I was going to work on jewelry but I ended up doing some scrap stuff instead. I didn't make any LOs though.

It's a keepsake hideaway matchbox drawer set by Carolee's Creations. When closed it measures 6X6".

This is by Bo Bunny Press. It's a My Word album that is NOT finished. LOL It was getting late and I was just too tired to finish it! The ribbons on the side are temporary just to keep it together until I can go get some binder rings. Then I'll tie on a BUNCH of frilly ribbons and things, and also add my pictures. I plan to ink around the letters too. It's a start! :)

Don't laugh too hard!! At one point in the day I decided to play in my makeup.

I think that about sums up my unplugged day. Caleb said he would like to do it again, but not weekly. LOL I'm going to make some coffee now because I can't seem to wake up today. Catch ya later.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Unplugging starts now!

We've decided that Monday is our day to unplug. If you don't see me online don't panic.
If you contact me via my Etsy shop, LM, HCW or anywhere else you'll have to be patient. I'll be back Wednesday. ;) You can make it one day without me. LOL

I'll be spending the day working on some necklaces like these that I made the other day. And a I also made a bracelet and earring set that my oldest son actually loves! He says it's my best work ever.

What do ya think?

Of course these pictures may have to come down if they are called for publication.

Then there is miss Faith. She has a cold right now so I'm sure I'll have to spend some time cuddling her. All she wants to do is be held 24/7 when she's sick. She's worse than either of my boys ever were. I swear she does not know that she is of the canine persuasion.

I think that just about covers everything. Take care and I'll be back soon.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unplugged Challenge

Those of that read Rebecca Sowers blog are probably familiar with her post about setting aside a day to be totally unplugged. To use the day to get acquainted with nature, or to tap into your creative abilities and use the time making something with your hands. To spend quality time as a family. To just be unplugged ALL day. That means no TVs, no video games and gasp, NO computers! Along with other things like cell phones, though those aren't technically plugged in unless they are being charged. Still, NO cell phones allowed cause those are a distraction!!

So I've asked her exactly how extensive is this? My stove plugs in, it's electric. Do I not cook dinner?
Does this mean I can't make my coffee? LOL
Now, I could technically cook and make my coffee on the grill that is outside but it's like FREEZING out there right now. It's still winter here, ya know. ;)

So, In the meantime I am waiting on her response before I dedicate a date to this in stone.
If I'm not supposed to cook I'll need to make preparations for dinner that night. I wanna play fairly and do this whole unplugged thing correctly. lmbo

So, is anybody with me on this? Anyone else wanna be unplugged for a day? If so let me know what day you picked. I'll come back and let you know what day I've chosen.

Door to Door Salesmen, Oh gees.

We don't get many door to door salespeople out here in the county but when we do they are relentless!
And let me say here and now that the guy caught Alex off guard. He was outside on the porch when the guy walked up. Otherwise we'd never have opened the door for him.

It was about 8:30ish PM. This young guy is selling meat, yes meat, off his truck.
Now, I know it was flash frozen, packaged air tight. Still something about the words truck and meat together gives me the heebie jeebies.

Anyway, he says to me: "If you'll buy the case of beef I'll give you a case of chicken and seafood for free."
Oh yeah, that doesn't send up any red flags whatsoever. (rolls eyes)

So I politely tell him that I do not have $459.00 to drop on a little box of meat right now.
Do you think that stopped him from slamming the sales promo on me? NOPE. No surprise there huh.

Well, he then starts unpacking all the meats to show me. Guess he figured the big lady would be too tempted by the sight of the food to say no again. I then told him, You really don't have to go to all that trouble of unpacking it and showing it to me. As I said before, I can not buy any of it.
Does he listen? UGG!

So he's trying to do the math on what I normally spend on meats to prove to me that somehow $459.00 is a GREAT bargain for that tiny thing he calls a case. Plus he says to me, "This much meat will last you six months."

To which I tell him that: I have TWO teenage sons. That box wouldn't last more than a week in this house! Trust me. And I am not in the habit of spending almost $500 a WEEK on meat. Heck no!

I continue further; Look dude, I woke up to a $500 propane gas bill hanging on my front door this morning. (Yes, I really did that is the gods honest truth.) AND, We just bought a new car to the tune of $400 a month, AND my hubby just ordered one of those little garage thingies (aluminum roof, metal rod structures) for the new car, for which I have to somehow come up with $900 to pay for within the next 30 days. You came at the wrong time. Sorry but the answer is still no thanks!

Now, if I was smart I would've just stopped him in his tracks when he first pulled up and told him that we are vegetarians. LOL Now that would've been a LIE straight out of h.e.double toothpicks, but he wouldn't know any different and could've probably saved us both a lot of valuable time.

Needless to say, he left angry. But was it MY fault? I was upfront and honest with him right at the start. I told him not to unpack all the meats. He got fair warning! HE is the one that chose to continue on and on. Them's the break dude. The economy sucks right now. Fuel is so high that most people don't leave home unless they absolutely MUST. You chose to drive down a little pig path of a road wherein there are like 20 single wide trailers and ONE house. Mine. Figured the people in the permanant structure on this poor country road were loaded, did ya? (Yes, I am being awfully sarcastic but I can't help myself.) I mean, I know it's not true in all cases, but around here a street that is littered with "mobile homes" is NOT a sign of a wealthy neighborhood.

So don't come knocking on my door trying to sell me meat. We are vegetarians now. (wink)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's happening to me? LOL

Isn't it strange how tastes change? I love natural hues. Cranberry and garnet over Christmas red, sage over kelly green, dark blue sapphire over primary blue, and if it's gotta be orange, I go for terra cotta!
That being said, HOW do you explain my latest shoe purchase? LOL LIME, lime green!

Will I actually wear these in public? I plan to get some lime green, neon orange, neon pink, and blue shirts to go with these shoes just so I can hopefully look sorta "normal" and summery.

I've got a few lime pieces of jewelry I made that I can wear with them as well. Maybe, just maybe I can pull these off without looking too funny. I hope!

Would lime green eyeliner be a bit over the top? LOL

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just feel like sharing.

Some new earrings I listed in the shop today.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I should go play lotto right NOW! lol

Today was an awesome day!
First, I heard from Bead Trends and they want all five of the items I submitted for their upcoming July/Aug. issue. Woooooo
I've been up literally all night typing up the items I used, where they were purchased- though I am not sure WHY that matters! And (how to) instructions. The paperwork takes me FOREVER, but it will be worth it when I see my pieces in the book. I'll get 5 copies of it AND $100 GC to Fire Mountain Gems! YeeHAW. lol

Then, I got a rebate check in the mail. It wasn't huge but money is money.

Last, I sold two items in my Etsy shop today!

Published, checks, sales. Oh yeah, I need to buy my first ever lotto ticket. I'm feelin' lucky. LMBO

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I want your opinion.

So I'm CVSing and saving TONS. I am stockpiled to the year 3000 on toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, household cleaners, and all that stuff.

My DS Alex keeps bringing up that we should be learning how to do the same low OOP on our grocery bill. Sounds great but....

I'm having a hard time when it comes to couponing on groceries. We get groceries at a discount store. The bulk of what they sell is dented, or otherwise sustained some form of (safe) package damage. Ninety percent of it is name brand also. The prices are already wholesale and so, they will not, can not accept coupons.

I can go there and fill up two heaping buggies and still not spend $100 on groceries that will last us half a month. So I do not know if I would be better off sticking to the discount grocery or start keeping those food coupons and see if I can get out cheaper at a national chain grocer.

Another thing that concerns me is that the food coupons seem like they are always for the same "sad" stuff week after week, after week. I mean really. How many cans of tomato paste does one family need? Besides that, tomato paste (Hunts) is only .10 a can at my discount store as it is. LOL You get my point!

And will I have to give up my beloved breads? At my store ALL breads, name brand, whether they be pumpernickel, german, rye, plain ole sliced white bread, hot dog buns, rolls, hoagie buns- WHAT EVER- is all only fifty cents each. All fresh too! Can I do better than that if I start shopping "X" chain store and use coupons?

What is your thoughts on this? Can I save more by leaving the discount store, or do you think I've got a pretty good thing going where I'm at and just save myself the extra "hassle" of hunting and gathering more coupons?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Caleb's BIG Fish

Isn't it wonderful the bonds and lasting memories that come from something as simple as going fishing with your dad?
I have many memories of me and my dad fishing by the lake. (Though I think I spent more time scaring them off or piddling around than actual fishing.)
Even if we didn't catch anything there was always a fellow fisherman that would come by and share his catch with us. My dad would gut, clean, and grill the fish right there on the bank of the lake at our picnic table.

Back then I just thought fishing was something daddies do, but now I know it was more. Because of those times I know how important these father, son fishing trips really are. Because of my dad I know how to prepare fresh fish for grilling. I watched him do it many times and didn't even know that I was learning. Chris didn't really have a father figure in his life. He never had a dad to go fishing with. He is making sure things are better for his kids. He makes sure to make memories with them. I am very proud of him for that. And I can pick up where he leaves off by instructing how to prepare the fish for the grill. :) We are a pretty good team I'd say.

Caleb's catch weighed between 15-18lbs. Chris says. He sure was big and heavy. He was mighty tasty too! Way to go Caleb! ^5