Thursday, January 01, 2009

CVS Jan 1st. 2009, post OP, and other news.

You didn't think I'd miss out on the first trip of the year to CVS to get the monthly goodies just because I had major oral surgery yesterday or because today is my birthday, did you? lol

I confess that Chris went with me to help. I had to stop taking the codeine for the pain as it was just making me sick as a dog! I am taking Motrin IB instead and so far it is doing the job just fine.
My face however is bruised pretty badly, as expected. Oh, and yes, uber swollen! The right lower jaw looks like I have a golf ball in my mouth at a certain angle. The left isn't much better but not quite as extreme. There is no gauze in my mouth either. All of that cheeky action and double chin is pure swelling. ICK. I look tired, so tired, but actually am feeling quite well. I except the brusing to be even worse tomorrow. But, ya gotta look bad before you can look better, right?

Anywho, back to the CVS trip. We got $147.08 in product for only $0.60 out of pocket. I rolled something like $60 in ECBs and got back $10.85 more than I spent. So, another money maker thanks to some great coupons.

I almost forgot! If you remember Chris bought me a Ford Focus last year for my birthday, well that bugger head went to town this morning and traded in the Focus for the new 2009 Ford Fusion! It is what I originally wanted last year. It's bigger, V6, cruise, all the controls are on the steering wheel, the radio shows the name of the song and the artist! It is THE color I was dying for- moss green! Which doesn't look quite as dark as the one in this picture does. It's more subtle. I just love it and it's going to work way better for our family.

The day before that he got up early, left, and came back home with a king size Serta bed for me so that I'd be comfortable after my surgery! Can you believe this guy? Does he love me or what?!
Our old bed was a queen size and we were rolling toward each other and it was causing us both to have bad back aches. I just don't know what to think but I know this much, I better not fuss on him any at all this year! We've never spent that kind of money all at once before. Not to mention the $2K I had to drop for my oral surgery. I hope they keep him in work this year and we don't live to regret getting all this stuff.

Well, I guess that's all for now. As if that wasn't enough, eh?

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Happy Birthday!