Monday, January 12, 2009

Candles, Candles, Candles, and Electrasol!

I had come across a thread at Hot Coupon World that CVS had vanilla, evergreen, and apple spice scented Febreze candles on clearance marked from $7.99 down to $1.99.
This was an un-advertised mark down mind you, and there are $2 off coupons for these in an insert from a couple of weeks ago. So, FREE 30 hour burning candles.

I looked through my coupon stash and had several of the coupons. I tried not to get too excited because I figured they'd be sold out. To my surprise they had 12 candles left but it still said $7.99 on the shelf tag. When I asked the cashier to scan them they rang up for seventy nine cents! I was like, HELLO!
I put all of them on the counter and gave her my coupons and I paid something like $0.96 tax for the whole shebang. Happy girl, I was.

Then, I went to DG and got a BUNCH of Electrasol, too. It sells for $2.75 a box here and the coupons were for $2.50 off. So, how can I pass up a quarter a box? Well, I couldn't! This is just one of my Electrasol stockpile drawers. Thirty six boxes to a drawer. It's a sickness I tell ya, but how am I supposed to say no when they are practically giving them away? Seriously.

I also scored 4- 6oz. bags of Beggin' Strips for my puggy girl for $3. I don't know if I had such a good time becuase I was saving so much money everywhere I went, or because Chris was with me and was stunned by how much stuff we got for so little money. Probably both.

So, that was my day. :)


Gabbriella said...

yeaaaa for you!!1 hey girlfriend how's your face? email me

Ryan said...

you ROCK! School me yoda!

NikkiH said...

YAY Girl you scored! I Love those candles, they always smell soooo good!

islandgirl said...

WOW, SCORE! I need to look into what you're doing!