Friday, January 23, 2009

A whole week without posting.

Bad, bad me! I do have a good excuse though.
As you all know our water pipes froze, so I've been keeping a little busy finding creative ways to clean house. You never know how far you can make a gallon of water stretch if you have to. Also, microwaving your dishcloth sanitizes it. :)

I had all I could stand of sponge bathing, so I called Chris to ask him if he would mind too much if the kids and I got a motel room for the night? Just so we could all take a real shower and then go to the laundromat after wards.
His answer sent me into a joyous screaming frenzy as his answer was this: "Sure sweetie I think that's a good idea, why don't you meet me in Knoxville this evening and we will all get a room together!"
WHAT? You are on your way HOME?!?
"Yep! I have to do some work at the office in the morning, so getting a room down there tonight will work out great for all of us."

I had no clue he was on his way in from--where ever it was he had been! All I know is (up north), some COLD, cold place with lots of snow. lol I didn't care where he had been. I was just thrilled that he was headed this way and we could be together.

So that's what we did. Today we went to file our taxes and just as the lady hit the submit button, the computers crashed! All of them in the whole place. So, we have to go back in the morning.

After that we are renting a backhoe to redo our water lines. We've needed to do it for a long time now so the freezing pipes was something we knew was going to happen, eventually. This just solidified the fact that we need to get it fixed now. So tomorrow will be another busy day around here. I'm just tickled to have Chris back home again for a few more days. :)

Have a great weekend my bloggy buddies.

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