Friday, October 31, 2008

So I sew.

I ordered this fabric because the candy canes look so real! I couldn't wait to make something with it so I whipped this out real quick. Isn't it CUTE fabric?! And sorry about this being underlined. I did not tell it to do that and I can't get it to go away!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the fence.

I vowed that I wasn't going to list a bunch of holiday stuff in my etsy shop. So, I may or may not list these. I haven't decided yet.
In primitive fashion I made these to look like old wood carved candy canes.
Do they look like old carved canes to you?
If I list these I am thinking I will sell them separately. Or maybe in a set of two.

They range from 4" to 5.5" with stained muslin bows on each one. They were hand formed, hand painted, hand sanded and have a very, very thin wax sealant on each one.
Making things look old is hard work and takes a lot longer than I thought it would. lol

And then I also made some grubby gingerbread man ornaments. I've got these packaged 6 to a pack, with tag and gingham scarves. Hemp twine for hanging hooks on.
I hope you've enjoyed looking at my latest creations.

On another note, Chris should finally be heading home Wednesday. Thank God! So if you are the praying type, please ask the good Lord to guide him home safely. Thanks!

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Feature. Follow Me.------------------------>

Yes, I'm behind the times, I know. I just added the follow feature. Would love for my regular readers to let me know they are regular by adding yourself to my list. It's over there on the right side of the screen. Thanks!

And on another note, here's a fabric tag I made yesterday. It's muslin fabric, batting, hand sewn and painted, tea stained then baked in the oven. Of all the animals used in prim decor the sheep is my favorite. Have a great Monday!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Seven Favorite Things in My Kitchen.

A little game of tag I learned about through Peggy's blog. Take pictures of 7 things you love in your kitchen. Here goes...
My KitchenAid mixer, because Chris bought it for me. He knew how much I had wanted one for so long. Call me silly but my kitchen really never felt like home until I got it.

I love my birds in flight decals on my cabinets. I have them on all of my upper cabinets that wrap around my kitchen. They all are flying in the same direction, right for the front door. It looks like a big flock is passing through.

Oh how I LOVE my chalkboard! It is HUGE and takes up the better part of one of my kitchen walls. It may seem like an odd thing to have in a kitchen but it comes in very handy. It was originally in a public school classroom. I have used it many hours in homeschooling my own boys, too. We also use it to keep lists of things we need to get when we go to town. Hubby leaves me sweet love notes on it. And sometimes we just get together and draw on it. Talk about a cool game of "pictionary."
I grabbed this up at Etsy. I love how it is coffee theme and a bit rustic looking all at the same time.

I adore the centerpiece on my kitchen table. The willow tree I bought on a shopping trip in Pigeon Forge, TN. The wooden cup full of coffee beans Chris made for me, and the egg gourds in the basket came from Etsy.

Also purchased at Etsy is my new prim canister set. Just looking up at them above the stove makes me happy. =)

And other than that, I love my garnet red walls! lol There you have it!
I tag Nikki to show pictures of 7 things she loves about her kitchen.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes, More Christmas Stuff!

Yeah I know. Enough with the Christmas stuff already. But I couldn't help it. I ordered the muslin fabric for this so I had to make it. lol
It is hand stitched, and then I embossed the "icing" on it, added the stained tag and a rusty star. It's all ready to hang. I even signed and dated it on the back. Nope, this one's not for sale. LOL

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cookies for Santa

The idea for these came to me when I was thinking about when I was a child at Christmastime. It was important to me that we didn't forget to leave cookies out for Santa. The same can be said today for many households, I'm sure.
Then it hits me. I can bring back a little of my childhood memories by decorating my entire Christmas tree in cookies!
Of course I am older now and so are my boys. They are too "mature" for all those fun kiddie Christmas things like baking real cookies to leave out for the man in red, so this is the next best thing.
I think small kids would also love to see a tree decorated all out in cookies too. Provided of course that they fully understand that these are not to be eaten! They are for Santa, after all. They even have tags that say so! =)

If you're interested...I did make a FEW extras to list in my shop. I'm only willing to part with 10 of them. They are sold separately and once they are all gone I will not be listing any more, just so you know. Of course they are made of salt dough and they will last for many, many years as long as they are kept away from moisture.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lovin' Fall

My latest creation. Cinnamon scented, wax dipped, salt dough bowl fillers in fall theme.
There are acorns, maple leaves, oak leaves, some other type of leaf that I'm not sure what type it is, lol. Then there are pumpkins and apples as well.
I really enjoyed making them. I had to hand dip them in the wax one at a time which took forever, and I double and triple dipped some of them. They are rolled in cinnamon spices and fresh ground coffee prior to dipping and then rolled in the spices again after dipping. They smell delicious!

I've got another huge batch baking in the oven right now. I might put some up for sale in my Etsy shop. Or, I may just give them out to family and friends. Haven't decided yet.

I hope everyone is having a nice day! =)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Up for Sale

As seen in my previous post...
Re-purposed denim flowers. I now have a pack for sale in my shop if anyone wants a set.
They are 3", 2.5", and 2" in diameter.

Use them on clothing, purses, scrapbooking (great for boy OR girl layouts), and other crafts. Use them as prim ornies, bowl fillers. Add magnets to the backs and put them on your fridge. Use as gift tags. Put a name or a special date on the miniature tags. There are many, many possibilities.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pictures. Pictures. Pictures

What I've been up to lately...

Here are the denim flowers. I made 33 of them. Still have plenty of denim left from Alex's discarded jeans . lol

I ordered these egg gourds from midnightcoiler over at Etsy. I decided to display them on my kitchen table next to my coffee. So, eggs and coffee is the centerpiece of my table now. Who says flowers can be the only centerpiece? lol

And finally, the grubby primitive candles I made just last night. I enjoy making these so much. They are rolled in cinnamon spices and coffee grounds. They are 5" long each and they smell very yummy!

I decided to bundle them all together with raffia, some rusty stars and other prim goodies. (I can't take credit for that tag, BTW. It came from MyFathersHouse4 also over at Etsy.)

Now to get started on my cabin vacation scrapbook! :) Hope all are having a great day.

Good Thursday to You.

Hi guys! Just a (not so little) update.
Hubby thinks he *might* be home in about a week/ week and a half.

Friday I have an early appointment to have my regular thyroid checkup. Wish that wasn't part of my schedule, but it must be done.

There is a chili and BBQ cook-off in town here this weekend. Me and the boys are for sure going. I just hope I don't forget my camera. (Which reminds me, I need to put it on the charger.)

I finally laid out my pictures from one of our cabin trip from last year. I placed all the pictures in the order that I want them to go in the album and now I just need to pick out the papers and cardstock for it. Well, that and actually making twenty 8X8 layouts! lol

Karen came over and helped me get the scrapbook theater back in order. It was a complete disaster area! I should have taken before and after pics. to share but then you'd have seen how utterly disorganized it had become. :(
We started cleaning around 5pm and did not get finished until around 5am. We didn't plan to stay up all night cleaning/re-arranging but, it just happened that way.

Caleb is getting his birthday gift a bit early this year and he knows what it is but there is a good reason for that. He really wanted a laptop of his own. This is a good thing because up until he started 9th grade this year he never wanted anything to do with computers. Well, graphic design was one of his chosen electives and he also has typing class. He is also learning Spanish on Rosetta Stone this year which is also on computer. So really it is an educational investment and I didn't want to wait until the year was half over to let him begin using it. His birthday isn't until Dec. 15th.
So, I called Chris and we talked it over for all of 30 seconds, and now the laptop will be here Monday. I really think this could be the tool that will help him become a better reader. Caleb takes after his fathers side of the family. None of them can read or spell worth a lick! Chris can, but just at a slow pace.
Alex took after me and learning how to read and spell came real easy for him. Thank goodness!
Caleb will begin studying for his learners permit next month and I just pray that he doesn't struggle with it. The kid is an excellent driver. He could pass the driving part of the test with his eyes closed.

Lastly, I've been spending my free time making these cool frayed edge multi-layered denim flowers. I also made my own bundle of cinnamon scented grubby taper candles. It turned out really nice! Besides the candles I added some willow springs, rusted stars, and tied it all together with raffia.
I will try to remember to post pictures of it all later today.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Quilted Ideas

I got these quilted hearts from ArtToGo over at Etsy. They were originally part of a hand made quilt that had seen better days. She salvaged the quilt by die cutting the hearts from it. When I saw them I just fell in love. The colors were perfect and who doesn't appreciate hand sewn quilted goodness?!

When I got them in the mail I hand stitched around the edges for a finished look and then added buttons to the centers. I then backed them on a chocolate brown fabric and put the new arrangement in this 12X12 shadowbox style frame.
Please excuse the weird angle. I was attempting to reduce glare and obviously that didn't work. lol At least it will give you the general idea.
It looks smashing and so sweet on my bedroom wall.

She has tons more hearts left if anyone is interested in getting a set. The possibilities for these are limitless.

I had 7 hearts left over so I made a garland strand. They still have buttons, sewn edges, and I added some worn fabric strips between each heart. I need to retake the picture in the daytime because this one is washed out from trying to use the flash.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pink flowers, anyone?

In between dishes, sweeping, and other BORING chores I managed to make this set of pink hand stitched fabric flower embellishments. I have a sewing machine but I was going for that hand stitched look and well, there's really only one way to get it. lol

Six layers each, with one layer stitched on the back and ever so slightly stuffed for just a little pouf and dimension on scrapbook layouts. Now to go tackle the laundry. Yeah.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My latest creations.

Corrugated board and paper flower with faux leather leaf and mini tag.
A 3 X 2" glass bottle of coffee beans.
Cinnamon dipped miniature taper grubby candles.

All fabric, hand sewn tags and flowers.

This is what I've been up to lately. You should know by now that I am just the kind of person that always has to have busy hands. I have to feel creative and productive. I love creating...stuff. Some day I fear it may take over my house, but then I remember there is always a Habitat for Humanity to donate to. lol

My DS Caleb is just like me. He is always and forever creating things. Like me, he'd rather spend an evening working with his hands than reading books. That may sound kind of bad but those are the facts. We are who we are, right? Everyone has their own thing. My DS Alex is the reader in the family. He loves browsing book shelves and pouring over pages hour upon hour. I just can't imagine doing that. Just sitting still for that long would drive me batty. Short attention span? Yes!

Ok, so that got off topic. I'll go now and bid you good day and happiness doing what ever you enjoy.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's finished. Pics.

As promised. :)
This was one of the "before" pics. from a previous post showing the squares. Notice they are flat.
I went back in and added cables around each square, which I am hoping you can see in the second picture. It just gave it dimension and extra texture as well as framing in the squares.
I also put a border around the edge of the afghan in the dark taupe color.
And finally, here's Caleb modeling it for you. I haven't measured it but Caleb is almost 6ft. tall if that gives you some idea. He's got the width hide a little because he wrapped himself in it, but trust me it's plenty big enough to snuggle up in.
That's all for now.
Happy Fall everybody.

Afghan update and other mumbo jumbo.

I am finished on the afghan. It's in the washer now and then it will take a spin in the dryer to soften it up. I will update with a picture soon. Probably later today. :)

Chris is still in Roxboro at that same WM location. I'm starting to think my dear hubby will never be home again. - Chris, if you're reading this, try to get home before the new year if you can. sigh. lol

I've got a strong urge to begin stockpiling food. Things like canned/ jar goods and some boxed things with long a shelf life. Can't really do meats because our side by side fridge barely has enough room for meats and freezer items for one week at a time. It's a pitiful excuse for a freezer. Need to invest in a deep freeze some day soon.
I prefer frozen veggies when I can't get fresh, so it would be nice to have extra frozen veggies on hand too.
So next on my agenda is to make a list of things that we use and have a long shelf life. I'll pick a category, i.e, canned foods, bottled sauces like spaghetti and BBQ/items, frozen, and boxed, and pick one category each week to stockpile. I think I'll start with the canned goods since I actually have a place to put some of that fairly easily right now. I want to get some cranberry sauce, canned/jar gravies/broths, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk (for my fabulous fudge!), with the holidays coming up they will be plentiful and on sale.
I guess I'm about to learn the shelf life of Stove Top. lol My DS loves that stuff.

If anyone has any suggestions of certain food items that are long lasting and great for stocking up on please let me know. This is a new arena for me.

Ok, before I bore everyone to tears with my food ramblings I guess I'll call it a night.