Thursday, January 08, 2009

Stop.Go. Stop. Go

The company my hubby works for really makes me irate! Why? Because it takes forever to get any time to come home and then once he gets here they play these "mind games" with his time.
It's not intentional on their part, but I do believe it is because they are not as structured as they need to be. It's like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

Case in point:
4 days ago he got a call from the office. "We're going to need you to leave out tomorrow to take J's place." "His kid has strep and he has to get home."

OK. Get things ready to leave out.

The next day... Not a word from the office? What's up? Am I going to CA or not?
Office has no clue.

The next day after that he is called by the main super who says his grandfather is having bypass surgery and has requested he be with him before he goes in for it. So, "be ready to fly out tomorrow to take my place."

OK, can do.

Today...Not a word from anyone. So, Chris called the office. They told him that he won't be leaving out for about a week or so. WTHeck?

Now, tomorrow I guarantee you he will get a call from the office to be ready to fly out the next day.

This is how it ALWAYS is when he comes home. We never know for sure how long he will be home. Making plans to do anything is beyond frustrating.
Sometimes we just wanna take an overnight trip, a day trip, or in warmer weather go in the mountains for a picnic, fishing, etc. But what happens in reality is that they keep us so confused that the only thing we ever end up doing is staying put at the house bored out of our minds!

When he first got home on Dec 24th we had the hardest time making them understand that he could NOT leave out before Dec. 31st as he HAD to be home when I went for my oral surgery on the 31st. They said that was fine but that he absolutely would have to leave out on Jan. 1st!

Well, as you can see it is now Jan. 8th and he is as of yet, still home. If we'd have known he would have been home this long we would have rented a cabin or - something! Anything!

OK, rant over...for now.

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