Sunday, May 31, 2009

What have YOU been up to?

It's been pretty quite on my end of the blog. A lot of the people I follow haven't updated in a while. Shame, shame! ;)
I know, school is out or almost out and you are gearing up for the summer, right?

I have no real summer plans myself. Except to try not to smother in the heat. Today was the hottest day so far and it's real hard not to hold up here in the computer room with the only source of air conditioning. Alas, I can't sit in here all day! lol

June 1st marks exactly one month since I've seen my dear hubby, Chris. We talk on the phone but only a minute here and there. Neither of us likes talking on the phone and part of his job is practically living on the phone. I guess by the time he gets around to me he's just exhausted. Can't say I blame him.

Does anyone remember when Kmart was giving back $25 on every $50 purchase? Well, I had went and bought a new bed set and got DS Alex a couple games for his birthday. Total was $100. That was back in March. About 3 weeks ago I got the 2- $25 gift cards in the mail. Still haven't decided how I want to spend them. Part of me really wants to use it towards a tent. Why, I don't know. I hate camping. Still, we don't have one and that just doesn't seem right. lol

So my shopping adventures have been most awesome. They'd be so much better if the hubs were here. Sorry. I just miss him. I don't mean to whine about it all the time.
I wish I could make everyone I know independantly wealthy. =)

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