Saturday, May 09, 2009

Gearing up.

I'm feeling a lot better today. Thank you all SO much for the prayers!!!

Right now I am just getting the "paper work" ready to head out to do my CVS deal tonight. I am looking forward to it because the glucose meters are free after coupon and pay out $5 each, with a limit of two. For me that is a $7 money maker (after taxes) that I can use to get a free bottle of laundry detergent, TP, or...whatever. However I am thinking of using that overage to pay for the new female version of the Schick Quattro Trimmer razor. Those are 8.99, pay out $4 ECBs and I have a $4/1 coupon. So, .99 each and the limit is 5. WOOHOO. I can get the razors completely free and the overage from the meters will even pay the taxes. Plus, my brother and sister can use the meters.
I'm also getting a free bottle of Dawn Hand Renewal because I got a $1/1 coupon in a home mailer today and I still have a raincheck for it for .99 from way back when they were on sale.

Plus, I got my 40 coupons for the nearly free Kraft BBQ sauce so I'll be running over to Walmart to get those tonight as well.

Should be a good night. I just hope they have all the razors!

Coupons are the new CASH! Like my new saying? lol

UPDATE: I'm back. My shopping trip was a big success. I got everything I went after and even had to get a candy bar because I went in the negative. Woohoo. Sorry, no picture this week guys. Just Imagine what 40 bottles of BBQ sauce, 5 Titanium Trimmers, etc. etc. would look like. ;)

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Ryan said...

Happy Mother's Day Kristie! Hope you are having a great day! Glad to hear you are feeling better.