Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a day.

Today, well actually yesterday now. Anyway it was my 6 month Dr. visit for my thyroid blood-work and turns out my blood pressure was high. Too high. 140 over 102.
During my past few visits my Dr. told me it has been borderline high and that if it went any higher I would be put on blood pressure meds. Sigh. That is not something I wanted to hear.

So she writes me a script for the blood pressure meds. I stuck it in my pocket and drove to CVS to have it filled, albeit begrudgingly. I got up to the counter, reached in my pocket and the script was gone! Me and my favorite cashier searched high and low and never did find it. And the thing is, I had checked my pocket right as I stepped out of the car to make sure I still had it. So somewhere between walking in the door and approaching the counter is when it must've fallen out of my pocket. I guess someone picked it up or something. So now I gotta call my Dr. and get that little setback fixed. OY!

So what's new with me? Welcome to the world of high blood pressure. Yay. Just what I always wanted. =(

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scrapper al said...

Bummer Kristie! I hope your script gets filled soon and the meds do their job.