Thursday, May 21, 2009

Been shopping & saving again.

Since I am an insomniac by nature I've been doing my Walmart shopping in the wee AM hours. I love shopping during that time for a few reasons:
1.No crowds to fight.
2.Great parking.
3.Cashiers are always calm and in a better mood.
4.Me and my coupons don't hold up the line cause, there isn't one!
5. No lines means no one behind me grumbling and b!tching about me and my coupons. lol

But anyway, back to tonight's great deal. I got everything pictured for 10.21! That's a 90% savings y'all. Total before coupons was $100.70.
I didn't have coupons for the .50 cucumber and the 2.50 imitation crab meat. AND, this was the first time I ever got a cashier that gave me the overage on my coupons at Walmart. YAY!

I got:
20 bottles Kraft salad dressings
17 bags Purina Kitten Chow
12 -12pks. Schick razors
11 Johnson's lotions
1 cucumber
1 crab meat
62 items total for barely over $10
I now have over 75 bags of the Purina Kitten Chow. Well over 150 packs of the 12 pack Schick razors. So many lotions I have lost count, and an embarrassing amount of salad dressing. But, I am not stingy. I have been and will continue to share with my family and friends as the need arises.
Just a couple days ago my best friend went home with a case of can chicken, 4 salad dressings, 6 Hunts spaghetti sauces, 4 cans corn, 4 cans green beans, one box instant potatoes, one box Velveeta shells & cheese, treats for her dogs and her cats, plus a lot of other things.

Yesterday I went and got a ton of Cottonelle! 122 packs to be exact. Between this pile and what I already had we now have enough tp to last us 2 years. And the "bad" thing is that I have enough of the coupons left to go back and get this much more. I bought the coupons from a seller on ebay that was really, really, REALLY reasonable. A steal IMO.

So, I am all set on TP, razors, BBQ sauces, animal food, treats, and salad dressings for the rest of the year. Now it's time to focus on my trash bag stockpile. And to my surprise there are $2/1 Hefty coupons floating around. Now to couple those with a sale. Anyone know of one?


Peggy said...

this question isn't meant to be mean. Its just the penny pincher in me asking. Would it not be better to just stock a certain amount of each item? Even spending a few cents on lots of items makes me second guess if I already have a lot of those items. Maybe you could do a post to teach us old penny pincher's. I am learning a lot about couponing from you!

Kristie said...

Not a mean question at all. I'll copy my answer from a thread someone started at Hot Coupon World titled, "What are your goals for stockpiling?"

[Living so far out in the county my main goals are to have at least some, and then some more, of everything we use and need- to a certain extent.

Before I started stockpiling I was always and forever hearing things like, "Mom, we are out of trash bags!" or, "Mom, we are out of light bulbs!" Like most people I know I bought ONE at a time. Waited until we ran out before buying another.

It got so I was driving to town all the time for one of this and one of that so often simply because I had no spreadsheet, no plans, and kept forgetting this or that when I did go to town. To live so far from town and forget a couple of essentials is a PITA! lol

So now I stockpile HBA enough for a year +, cleaning supplies at least 6 months, food a year +, and now I also stockpile those trash bags, at least enough to last 8 months or so, the same for light bulbs, and even coffee filters!
Anything and everything we use on a regular basis but never gave much thought to before.]

Now, the TP I admit I have a fetish about for a couple of reasons. lol It's so hard to find good deals on it for one thing, so when I do I go all out. I like to have enough of it around to last my family at least one year + enough to share with my family. All of whom are in financial dire straights.

We are kind of like Mormons in that we are comfortable having enough set back for our family and enough for others as well, should the need arise. Except we aren't Mormons. ;)

I have people coming over all the time that are in need and I'm so glad I can help. Plus, DH and I make up care packages for his crew every time they go on rotation.
Out on the road things can be quite expensive- as I'm sure you know. So, we always send the guys with essentials like razors, soap, shave gel, lotion is very appreciated because the concrete dust literally burns their skin (poor guys!)
I also send pain meds, deodorants, toohpaste, batteries for their MP3 players, allergy meds and zantac for ones that really suffer. Laundry detergent because they have to do their wash at laundromats. Just everything they will need really.
So, much as it looks like I have the stock is always rotating.

And God forbid a disaster ever strikes I like knowing I can make up at least a few care packages for the Red Cross disaster relief.

And well, there you have it. =)

Ryan said...

My wife would just about die if I came home with this much toilet paper. You go Kristie! How much did they cost you each? Was the coupon that good?