Saturday, May 02, 2009

CVS 5/03/09

Everything here was less than $3 OOP. DS plan even went 1.87 into the negative so he had to grab more fillers!
I rolled $23 in ECBs and got back 22.99!
Now, those boxes of Baid Aids came from Dollar General, not CVS. They are $1/box and the coupons are $1/1 so all were free, except taxes.

The Loot Count:

10 J&J First Aid kits $9.90 worth
8 boxes Band Aids $8 worth
8 J&J Buddy Bars (soaps) $11.90 worth
6 boxes Kellogg's cereals $20.04 worth
5 Adidas deodorants $19.95 worth
4 Colgate toothpastes w/free toothbrushes attached. $11.96 worth
2 packs Zantrex 3 energy shots $9.98 worth
1 king size Reese cups .89
44 items total $101.88 grand total after taxes, for less than $3 cash!!!


missknits said...

omgosh! that is amazing!!

Ryan said...

Hey Kristie! Where do you find those bath buddies at walmart?? I looked all over for them!

Kristie said...

Look at the back of the store with all the other baby things like clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, etc. They are not up front with the other Johnson's baby lotions, powders, etc.