Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rag Bag

I'm not feeling good and haven't had any real sleep in a couple of days. Nothing contagious. Just very painful. So, to try to take my mind off the pain and not being able to sleep I sat up all night making myself a rag bag. I made it with the scraps of fabric I had left over from the table cloth that I blogged about (a few posts down.)

I didn't have a pattern so I just tried to visualize it in my mind as I went along. I had seen them on etsy too, so that helped.
I cut my leftovers in to 2X2" squares then stitched those 4 patterns together to make 4X4" squares.

It is not 100% finished. It still needs to take a trip through the washer and dryer to reach its full fluff potential. It has the batted padding and tons of X stitches that I'm hoping will be more defined when it comes out of the washer. I also added lace which I think made it look Tre Femme!
It's not perfect but it's strong and sturdy so it should serve its purpose. lol

And a recap on the other things I made with this fabric.


scrapper al said...

That purse is darling! I think it is my favorite of all the things you've been making lately.

DeeDee said...

I am a seamstress and I love this stuff and the colors...just beautiful....


Janera said...

Sorry you are not feeling well, Kristie, but Girl! Love that bag!

NikkiH said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well Kristie :( I hope you feel better soon my friend! I think that purse is GORGEOUS! Will you be selling these in your store?

Kristie said...

Thank you all so much for the well wishes. They mean a lot to me. I spent most of the day crying in pain. I'm feeling a bit better now and hope to be able to sleep tonight, or at least rest.

Nikki, I am not nearly good enough at making the purses to sell yet. But, If I get to that point where I feel confident, I would list a few. lol It was a challenge. But a good one.