Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family O Bums and Door to Door Salesmen. GRR

Guys and gals, let me tell you about my Monday.
I woke up late this past Monday morning, went outside, and the weather was so beautiful that I decided to leave my front door open to let in the fresh air. I do that a lot because I live on a downhill slop, long driveway, and my house is in the woods. So, I figure I'm ok to leave the door open in the day time. Wrong!
Not five minutes later my older brother came in and was wanting to borrow $300 from me. He is 14 years older than me. No kids, and not married. I think he should be financially set by now. This wasn't the first time he came asking for cash. I had to turn him away because he is making too big of a habit of "sister ATM." Besides the fact that I don't have $300 laying around to give away! I love him but it makes me very uncomfortable to be asked for money like that. Ya know?

After my brother finally left I went to my bedroom to straighten up a bit and get ready for my day. I didn't even have my bra on yet, y'all!!! Then, all of a sudden Faith starts barking up a storm. I go to see what has her in a tizzy. There was a lady standing at my door yelling. This was not even ten minutes after my brother had left.
It was her, and in a van was a man, and two other younger guys come to try and sell me a Kirby vacuum!
With my door wide open I felt so trapped. I explained I wasn't in the market for a new vacuum, but of course they would not take no for an answer! They insisted on doing an in home demo.
So, they vacuumed my hardwood living room floor and polished it. They vacuumed, shampooed, and re-vacuumed my bedroom floor. Then had the nerve to get mad when it came time to haggle the price and I stood firm that I gave them fair warning. I am not buying anything. The older man was extremely forceful with me verbally. I even explained to him that the hubs hasn't been getting as much work as usual with the state of the economy and given the choice of making my car payments or payments on a vacuum, well...which would YOU choose? He wasn't hearing me. Finally I told him it does not matter what sales pitch you throw at me. You aren't going to change my mind, sir. Period. End of discussion. Sheesh! It took me over two HOURS to get those people out of my house!
That'll teach me to try to enjoy beautiful spring weather at my own home!

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Paperprincess34 said...

Oh my gosh! The nerve of sales people these days.

But that's why I use the back door for stuff like that :)