Sunday, May 24, 2009

CVS May 23rd

Tonight's plan wasn't a big one because a lot of this weeks free and money maker items are for Sunday & Monday only, so I couldn't do them tonight (Saturday.)
I saved over $84. Broke even on ECBs spent vs. ECBs gained and paid only 1.92 cash OOP for everything pictured.
The Sobe Lifewater are BOGO this week and I had 4 BOGO coupons, making all 8 free. The OFF Clip Ons I had a BOGO coupon for and also $6 in coupons. My plan actually went into the negative so I had to grab the Palmolive and gum for fillers. lol
CVS finally mailed me a $/$$ coupon to use which helped - a lot!

8 Sobe Lifewaters
2 boxes Trail Mix Crunch cereal
2 ThermaCare heat wraps
2 Speed Stick deo.
2 OFF Clip-On repellents
2 Olay Ribbons body washes
1 Palmolive
1 gum
1 Colgate toothpaste
All 21 items for 1.92
I'll keep and use everything except the toothpaste and maybe the deodorants, which I'll send to Chris's co=workers. =)
Going to give the Palmolive to my SIL Karen.
Chris wants the OFF for when he takes his boat on the lake and he likes having the ThermaCare wraps on hand.
Olay Ribbons body wash is my personal favorite because it lathers like nobodies business!
I doubt we'll have any of the Sobe's left by this time tomorrow!

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