Friday, May 01, 2009

HOT dog!

About 2AM I went in the bedroom, flipped on the bathroom light and saw this. It was 80 degrees, no AC in there, and Faith was belly side up on a folded comforter incline. She never sleeps with her belly exposed. She was trying to cool down. Poor doggy. lol I just thought it was funny, and sad. Faith wants AC in the bedroom. ;)


Ryan said...

Great picture Kristie! Poor little lady had to be indecent to cool off. :P I vote for AC!!

We are such sofites for our little doggies too! We leave the AC on for them when we leave during the day in the summer. It's their house, we just try and stay out of their way!

Stamper Couponing Couple said...

Awww, arent pugs just the best... my little midnight is the same way, she burns up, always panting and snorting, and they have such a time breathing anyway.. I say give her the AC, lol.