Sunday, May 17, 2009

Current Cheap and Freebie list.

UPDATED on May 20th with further info.

I've been meaning to compile this list for some time. "Problem" is, it keeps growing! lol
This list is good for when you need filler items, wanna stock up on certain items for free, or get items to donate.

Note that prices do vary by region. Depending on different stores in your area, you may be able to do even better. Like one of my friends that got her Kraft BBQ sauce completely free at a store local to her. I do not have that store here, so I am listing according to what I do have locally.

If you know of other deals that are free or really cheap with coupon please let the rest of us know.

mq=manufacturer coupon
DG=Dollar General
FD=Family Dollar
Free or cheap

*St. Ives trial size facial product FREE @ CVS. Cost 1.49- 1.50 mq

*AXE trial size body wash FREE @ WM. Cost .97-1.00mq

*Band Aid 30ct. box FREE @ DG. Cost 1.00- 1.00mq

*Band Aid 30ct. box .10 @ FD. Cost 1.10-1.00m

*Johnson's 2 oz. body lotion FREE @ WM. Cost .97 - 1.00 mq

*Johnson's Buddy Bars FREE @ WM. Cost .97 - 1.00mq

*Johnson's trial size first aid kits FREE @ CVS. Cost .99 - 1.00mq

*Angel Soft 4ct. pk. tp FREE @ Kroger. 1.00- .50mq (doubled)

*Cottonelle 4ct. pk. tp @ WM. 1.00pk. X2 packs = 2.00 - .50/on 2 mq= 1.50 for both packs. (OR) - .75/2 mq= 1.25 for both packs, or precisly 62.5 cents per 4 roll pack!

*Eveready flashlights FREE @ DG. Cost 1.00 - 1.00 Energizer battery OR flashlight mq.
(Yes, you read that right. Energizer makes the Eveready flashlights.) I had no idea. Thanks to Lisa for the heads up on this one!

*Febreze Noticables kit .50 @ FD. Cost 4.50 - 4.00mq

*Febreze Noticables kit .75 @ DG. Cost 4.75 - 4.00mq

*Kotex Lightday pantyliners .25/pk @ WM or DG. Cost 1.00- .75mq

*Schick Disposable razors (10ct. + 2 bonus) FREE @ WM. Cost 1.97 - 2.00mq

*Glade Sense & Spray 1.00 @ WM. Cost 5.00 - 4.00mq

*Purina Kitten Chow (small bag) FREE @ WM. Cost 1.87 - free up to 2.19mq

*Glade Lasting Impressions 1.00 @ WM. Cost 5.00 - 4.00mq

*Air Wick I-Motion 1.00 @ WM. Cost 5.00 - 4.00mq

*Kraft salad dressing .08 @ WM. Cost 1.58 - 1.50mq

*Kraft BBQ sauce .23 @ WM. Cost .98 - .75mq

*Evercare lint rollers/refills FREE @ WM. Cost .97 - 1.00 printable mq.
(I found them at my store in the trial bins. 30 sheets to a roll.)

*Bounty single roll paper towels FREE @ WM. Cost $1 - $1 coupon from the P&G promotional home mailer coupon pack attained from purchasing $50 worth of qualifying P&G products.

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