Monday, May 18, 2009

Kroger let me down!

UPDATE: So I called corporate and he didn't know why the coupons did not double. Long story short, he loaded $5 on to my Kroger card. It will probably be a while before I drive to that store again. I should've called before I left the parking lot! Then I could have went back in and got my other 18 packs! DOH!
So I finally acquired enough of the .50/1 Angel Soft tp coupons (through trades, friends, and fee-bay) to justify the 80 mile round trip drive to my closest Kroger. It went horribly!

First thing was the price. I read that it was 1.00/pack. Got to the store and it was 1.28/pack. I thought ok, so .28/pack after the coupon is doubled. Still a decent deal.

I put 10 packs in my buggy (cause I was gonna break up the transactions), went through checkout and none of my coupons were doubled. I asked the cashier about it, she asked someone else and all he said was, "It's up to the register to double or not." "If it doesn't do it there's nothing we can do about it."

So I paid 9.01 (after taxes) for 10 packs of TP that I drove far too far away to get. I am super bummed.

Can anyone tell me why the coupons did not double? I would appreciate all the help I can get. I just want to understand!

After that fiasco I crossed the street to go to Target where I grabbed a ton of the small Johnson's lotions, first aid kits, Buddy Bars, AXE body washes, sunscreens, etc. etc. (Anything I could get for free after coupon) just to try and justify driving all that way!! Totally and utterly pissed, I am.

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scrapper al said...

Maybe different Krogers have different coupon doubling policies? I know that some of their subsidiaries only double ONE coupon of the same type (unless it is for multiple products ie 50 cents off of two) and will only accept three coupons of the same type. Sure makes it difficult to get a bargin. Sorry it was a crappy shopping trip.