Monday, May 11, 2009

New Coupon Storage

Since Ryan posted the question, "How do you store your coupons?" I thought I would share my switch-over to "binder-world".

Until recently I stored my inserts whole in a clear Artbin box. It is nice and deep, has snap closures, and a sturdy handle for carrying around.
However, since I can no longer obtain whole inserts locally the bulk of my coupons have been clipped from friends, trades, and from ebay. That's when I decided it might be time to go ahead with a binder. And that's when I found this beauty!
Other than getting it set up and categorized, I think I am going to like it.
It is nice and deep, zippered, has glorious collapsible handles, a solar calculator, a place for the store cards, pens, scissors, notepad, 3 Ring, and a place for a cell phone. It also has an interior fold out accordion file for current ads and such. It was originally $20 but on clearance for $15, so I grabbed it.

Collapsible handles with pockets on both sides.

Zippered! Otherwise this klutz would spill her coupon loot someday and that would be the end of it. lol

Then I went to and ordered some fantastic specialty sized coupon binder pages because I found that I was having to fold too many of my coupons in half and in thirds using the regular baseball card pages. I hate folding my coupons. Call me anal! lol

I have the first section set up for my daily coupon plan. It's a single pocket to put in specific coupons and plans that I pulled to use on that specific trip to town for specific stores, and has everything I'll need to take in that store with me.

For example: I went to CVS today to do the cereal deal. So I pulled out my Kellogg's coupons and my ECB "cash", CVS card, along with a jotted plan. I paper clipped everything together and put it in the pocket page. That way, when I get to town I don't need to carry in the whole binder and fumble for the correct ECBs, my store card, coupons, etc. I grab the plan and go. Make sense?

The next section of my binder is dedicated to my rainchecks. Paperclipped to the rainchecks are the appropriate coupons I plan to use with said rainchecks to make the items free, or close to it.

I'm thinking page 3 will be a pocket just for storing my CVS ECBs, and page 4 for my WAGS RRs since I currently carry those in my purse. It's a work in progress I tell ya!

From there we get into the good stuff. The actual coupons, which I plan to list in alphabetical order soon.

My new binder pages should be here in a couple of days and I can hardly wait to put the larger coupons in.

And well, that's how I'm storing my coupons.


scrapper al said...

Isn't ironic that I started sending you inserts and now you're using a binder. I'm interested in your alpha system. Like do Glade candles go under G or C? Sometimes I shop by brand, sometimes by item so I don't know which alphabet system would work best for me.

scrapper al said...

I forgot to add that I wouldn't be surprised if you outgrow that binder in no time!

Kristie said...

Arlyn, I'm going to alphabetize by category. Such as G for Grocery, H for Hygiene: TP, toothpaste, deodorant, body washes, etc.
M for medicines, P for pet related, S for skincare items like lotions, bug repellents, sun screen.

I have a label page for each section. It shows the main category name then a list below that defining what goes in that section. So far so good.

And yes, a tad ironic, BUT I can cut out things I am certain I can use and still keep the remainder of the insert whole to refer to if a special deal comes up at a later time. =)

DeeDee said...

Wow.. I inspire to be this good with coupons..I use them but not as well as I could..I will keep watching and learning here..thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.


scrapper al said...

Doh! I never would have thought of the label page. Maybe I'll have to go to using a binder after all. While I love my coupon box, it sure is difficult to flip through when I'm looking for a last minute deal.

Ryan said...

Kristie - what size pages did you order? i am over at her site and she has 5 or so different sizes. I might just have to keep my baseball card pages. I don't mind folding :P

Kristie said...

Ryan, I ordered #1,2,4,& 5.
#1 should hold those long razor and make up coupons. #2 will be good for those post card size home mailers I get, and the tearpad coupons at the stores. Same for #4. I thought #5 would be good for the skinny long P&G coupons as well as lots of others.
Which reminds me. My pages should get here today or tomorrow. WOOT!