Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where do I keep it all?

You asked. lol
Remember, my house is tiny so I do the best I can. Actually, taking these pictures was good for me because it helped me to see how I could better arrange and store some of the stuff that has had me stumped.
The TP is currently stacked floor to ceiling in the boys bathroom. But now I am thinking I will put as much of as I can on the shelving in their hallway. That'll look much better.

This toothpaste collection is kept in a cardboard box in my craft/office/catch-all room. That way I never forget to push, um, I mean GIVE a box or three to anyone that comes in the house. You visit me, it's mandatory to take at least one. ;)

Gees. Bend down to get a picture of the dish washing liquid and realize that someone has knocked some over. Must straighten that up! Anywho, I keep it in the kitchen cabinet under my sink. At last count there were over 80 bottles of it. It's hard to show it all though, because the shelving is dark and goes back pretty deep.

A few cleaning supplies also kept in an upper kitchen cabinet. Need to straighten that up too!

This is in the boys yet unfinished hallway and this is the shelf I want to put the TP on. There is a completely empty rack on the bottom. There's really no rhyme or reason to what's on this rack at this point. I only just started using it and am still in the process of straightening it out.

Now we're in my bedroom. I have two storage tubs that slide under my bed that have mostly shampoo/conditioners, first aid kits, razors, razors, and more razors. In fact, the tub at the top is all razors and some deodorants.

Guess I have a razor addiction! Well not really, they are my guys favorite. I asked the manager if I could have the Fusion Gamer display since it was sitting empty in the store. He said sure, so I brought it home and filled it up the Gamer razors I had collected and put it on top of my TV armoire in my bedroom. Seems an odd place to put it but right behind it is our master bathroom. I may move it to the boys shelf in the hallway- some day.

Now we're in my bathroom. lol This is where I keep the meds that we use on a regular basis, and wouldn't fit in the medicine cabinet because it's comletely FULL!

Back in my bedroom. This is my personal stash of shampoo/conditioners, bodywashes, lotions, hair colors, etc. that I use on a regular basis. I'm thinking of moving those shorter bottles of Suave lotions to the hallway shelf with the rest of them. That would free up more of my shelf space.

This is a pegboard in my craft room where a mix of everything has come to collide for no real reason. Partly laziness, partly space issues, I suppose.

This picture was hard to get because it is between my washing machine and a my bedroom wall. It's a narrow space about 3.5ft. high and goes back the width of the washing machine. To make the shelves we just put down one row of detergents and laid a board on top of them. Did that two times over. If memory serves me there are at least 30-35 bottles.

So there you have it. :)

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grammy said...

wow. I am not sure how this works, but that's a lot of stuff. I would just like to find some coupons for Senseo coffee (o:

Paperprincess34 said...

Wow! I wish we were neighbors...