Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CVS and Walmart 3/16/09

I didn't take a picture of everything that I got for basically nothing but taxes today, because there was just SO MUCH of it! lol Not pictured are 24 bags of Beggin' Strips, 6 packs of Veet Bladeless razor kits, tons more cans of chicken, two 2 liters of Diet Dr. Pepper, 10 packs Band-Aids, and just lots, lots more.

I wanted so much to come home with 50 free rolls of Marcal toilet paper but I could not find it. I only checked a couple of places but I've heard that some Family Dollar stores *may* sell it, or at least the Marcal paper towels. Will have to call about that tomorrow. If anyone knows of any other store(s) that sell it please let me know.

36 Suave lotions and twenty-12 count packs of Schick razors.
The lotions are .97 @ Walmart and the coupons were for $1 off each one.
The Schick razor packs are $1.97 and the coupons were for $2 off each pack. So, all were free except for the taxes.

I didn't do so well taking this picture. For one thing there are 6 boxes of Wheat Thins, 4 boxes of Ritz, 33 packs of gum, and two boxes of Colgate, etc, etc. You really can't tell by looking.
I grabbed a few clearance goodies today. Just couldn't resist those lavendar stress thingies and the eyeshadow applicators.
Unfortunatly I have misplaced my receipt and do not know what my total was. :( But I can tell you that I paid with $20 in ECBs and got back $17.98 in ECBs. I had to pay $5.68 cash out of pocket which was majority taxes and because of my clearance splurge that was not on my original plan. lol

I also hit Kmart today and got one of their bed in a bag sets in king size that was on sale for $34.00
I also picked up a matching accent pillow for my bed and a new video game for DS birthday today.
Brought my total to $50 intentionally because Kmart and Glamour have teamed up and are giving away $25 Kmart gift cards for every $50 purchase made from now until 4/30/09. A fantastic deal since I really wanted a new bed set and was going to be spending the money on the video game even before I knew about the deal.

And on a side note: I have come to realize that there is always, always something free to be had-somewhere. It can be really overwhelming and you have to be ok with not doing every deal that comes along. Two years into this couponing madness that has taken over my life and I still get a little sad when I have to miss out on cool freebies. Just have to keep reminding myself that there's another good deal coming right behind it, and move on. =)

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TurtleMommy said...

I can't believe you got that stuff free at Walmart! Thats awesome!!!! =] I need to get back into my coupon stuff, I let it slip away. hahah
great blog!

Linda said...

Great job. New bedding is always fun.

Where do you store all the stuff you get?

I'm filling up our home with crafts, supplies and items to be photographed and ready for sale.