Sunday, March 08, 2009

CVS trip 3/07/09

Total of everything pictured before coupons and ECBs = $58.39 with a savings of $70.20 according to my reciept.
Total I paid in cash after coupons and ECBs was $2.20.
I took another ECB hit, about $3, but I really wanted the cereal and the Herbal Essences shampoo. It's my favorite.

Same as Wednesday, the Perfect 10 hair dye had been $14.99 but was on clearance for $3.50 and I used a $5 off coupon. The three smaller boxes of Clairol Nice'n Easy were originally $7.99 and were on clearance for $2, and I had 3- $2 off coupons.

4 bottles Vaseline lotion
4 boxes Clairol hair dye
4 bottles Herbal Essences
3 boxes cereal
2 Renuzit Tri Scents starter kits
1 Crest toothpaste

On another related note, I made up care packages for Chris's coworkers tonight. I included: Gillette shampoo, Right Guard Professional Strength deodorant, Visine Pure Tears, Earinse (they work in concrete dust so this comes in very handy for them), Colgate toothpaste, a Colgate toothbrush, Listerine mouthwash, Bandaids, Excedrin, Tylenol, bag of Life Savers, Gillette body wash, Fusion razors, Gillette shave gel, Jergens lotion (the concrete dust literally burns their skin so lotion is a must for them also), Tums, and a few other goodies- I forget what else.

All were full size bottles. To satisfy my curiosity I added up what it would have cost to purchase the items in the care packages at retail value, no coupons, and it came to over $80 EACH!
And these guys would have HAD to pay it, too. Out on the road they don't have time to clip coupons and look for sales. When they need toiletries, HBA, OTC meds, etc. They go to the closest store and pay full price. They always are very appreciative of the items and I feel so blessed to be able to give them to them.

We used to have one worker that regularly needed Zantac and allergy meds. I was more than happy to pass along my extras to him. This guy was promoted to a supervisor position so we don't get to see him anymore. I miss that little guy.
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Paperprincess34 said...

WOW! And you're such a sweetheart. I bet the guys really appreciated it.

scrapper al said...

That's why I like sharing with you Kristie. Because I know you pay it forward, way forward. I didn't know you could use hair coloring coupons. I've been tossing them, sorry! From now on, I'll include them.

Prpldy said...

How do you do this? I need some hints or tips. I want to shop like you Kristie. What does EBC stand for?