Saturday, March 21, 2009

No CVS update today.

If you came looking for my regular weekly CVS update, there isn't one. Two reasons; for one the ad this week was less than desirable and two, I've had a migraine headache ALL day. It is 3 Excedrin Migraine pills later and still throbbing. I'm about to go lay down and see if I can get lucky enough to fall asleep. Generally laying down makes my head ache worse, but I've tried every other option.

Also, Chris and I are heading to DC in the morning. He has an account up there and is also hoping to spend some time with his dad. A co-worker is also bringing his wife and it just so happens that she is a coupon fanatic too. We are both bringing our coupon satchels. LOL I've never met her before but I am hoping we hit it off. We already know we at least one thing in common.

One last thing...
If you have the IAMs Smart Puppy Or Kitten Food coupon- $5.00/1 - 3/31/09 from the 3/01 P&G RUN to Walmart and get your FREE 4lb. bag(s). They are on roll back this week. Even if the shelf tag shows the regular price, scan the bag. Some WM aren't openly advertising the roll back but once scanned they come up as $5 making them free with the coupon. I only wish they had done this sooner so that I could have gotten more, or had time to get more of the coupons before they expire. At least I was able to get a few bags this time. I usually miss out on the completely free dog/cat food.

Night all. See you in DC.

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Learnin2save said...

Hey chic, Sorry you have such a terrible headache....that bites. When you feel better, head on over to my blog and pick up the awards I passed on to you. I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the couponing!