Sunday, March 08, 2009


Unless (God forbid) something bad happens between now and morning, I will be going to Nashville, TN with Chris for a week while he makes a glossy new floor for the Nike outlet there.

Alex and Caleb are staying home so hopefully no one will mess with the place in my absence!!!

As always I will have the laptop with me so please stay in touch. I'll have the room all to myself during the day and I plan to relax, pamper myself, and do some enjoyable crafting of some sort.

I need to hurry and decide what that's going to be! I'm thinking about taking my scrap patterned papers and cardstock, and just challenging myself to see how many cards and tags I can come up with. Of course I would feel lost without all my yummy embellishments to choose from, but I really don't want to drag all those out and have to put them all away again when I get home. lol

Anyone in or near Nashville wanna take me out for coffee? =)
I thought a couple of my coupon-ing "sisters" lived in that area somewhere, but I'm not positive. I don't think I'll be actually IN Nashville, but just on the outskirts of it, from what I understand. Oh! I'll find out when I get there. lol

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Paperprincess34 said...

Yes indeed those were the same raggedies. I flagged. You should too. I also flagged the snowman as that is mass produced too. Shheeesss. My grandmother is a resaler I know a mass produced item when I see it.

Have fun in nashville.