Sunday, March 01, 2009

80 cans!

Remember I was going after 80 more cans of the Sweet Sue white chunk chicken today?

Well, I just got back and the transaction could not have gone smoother! I paid $21.12 (after taxes) for $88.00 (after taxes) worth of product. And talk about SMART! The guy scanned ONE can and ONE coupon, hit a couple buttons on the register and BAM, all 80 coupons automatically deducted. Took less than 30 seconds to checkout. I'm a happy girl.
Forgive that I didn't take a picture. If you really want to see a pic. let me know and I will take one.

One thing I guess I need to learn to get used to is all the attention I generate when I shop this way. I let the cashier guy know right off the bat what I was doing. To which he smiled and said, "Oh go you. You are one of those smart money saving shoppers."

At least it was positive attention. I was asked if I was one of "those women" he's seen on Oprah being praised as a savings queen? I laughed and said, No, that was not me. lol

I got asked where I get the coupons by another cashier to which she wrote down what I told her and was saying she is going to "Get in to this and start saving money too, because, that is SO COOL!"
I got asked what all can be made with it. I was telling them and the one other guy said, "Hmm, that is so cool. I would've just eaten it straight out of the can. LOL" And I replied, You're single aren't you? He laughs and says, "Yep." -As he blushed. It was so cute!

They told me that was the first time anything like that had happened in their store and hope I come back again. I told them I was glad to hear that because I had several more coupons on the way and I'd be back next weekend or early next week. They said they can't wait to do it again!

Isn't that wonderful? I wish ALL cashiers and managers could be that excited. This was one time I know for a fact they were talking about me after I left the store, but in a good way.

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Paperprincess34 said...


Ryan said...

Cool Kristie! I wish I was there to cheer you on through the checkout line!


Who is your favorite seller online to get coupons from? I usually use sugarmans coupons on eBay. Only .90 for the first set of 20, .10 for each additional and if you spend 15.00 or more you get free shipping.

Ryan said...

.90 for shipping that is

Kristie said...

I'm not partial to any one seller yet. I've only recently started getting them from ebay.
Who I buy from depends on a couple of factors. One being shipping. It's got to be reasonable. Then I look at the sellers location. I want to order from someone as close to me as possible, especially if I am cutting it close on an upcoming sale. Can't be waiting on coupons to get here from CA. lol