Sunday, March 01, 2009

CVS and WM 2/28/09

Tonight's CVS trip was small but successful overall.
I got $55.93 in product for $3.65 out of pocket. And the only reason I had to pay anything OOP was because I picked up that cream colored Essence of Beauty robe that was on 75% clearance for $3.75, and I didn't have a coupon. lol I paid with a $20 Extra Buck and got back only around $15 in EBs. That would not have happened if they would have had the free mouthwash they advertised in the ad! It's ok though. I'll make it back in no time! =)

Not pictured (for obvious reasons) are: 1 bag onions, 5 green bell peppers, 2 gallons of milk, one pack Oscar Mayer hotdogs, one tub of butter.)

Cost before coupons was $125.58.
Total after coupons was $59.15 (and almost $10 of that was tax!)
I saved $66.43 on this trip.

I know there are pros out there that would cringe at even paying that much, but remember I am still new at the couponing thing outside of CVS. I'll get there.

The Purina One Wholesome Entree cans of dog food were FREE.
The Jergens lotions were FREE.
The Schick disposeable razors were FREE- thanks to a lady- I don't know your name but found this deal on your blog. =)
The little travel H&S were FREE.
3 of the 6 bags of Beggin' Strips were FREE.
The Cascade was FREE. Can you believe they charge $3.47 for that tiny bottle of cleanser?!
So that was my Saturday night.
Tomorrow I'm going after 80 more cans of the Sweet Sue chunk chicken. I went back to the DG where there were at least 100 cans left after I took 40 off the shelf and it was ALL GONE. One day later! I must've clued some one in one this deal that lives close to me. Gonna have to start being a little tight lipped on these deals until I get all I want. LMBO
Just kidding of course. But anyway, I now have to go to a different store that I was hoping to avoid in order to get my chicken. I just hope they aren't cleared out.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone and happy couponing.

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Linda said...

Wow, you're really great at this. Wish I could work on this a bit more.

Learnin2save said...

That is really some great savings! I am new to this too and I think the deals you are getting are AWESOME!