Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free, free, free, free, free!

EDIT: Ok, I called Walmart corp. and let them know exactly what happened last night. The lady I spoke with said that they would contact the manager of that location, yada, yada, someone may get back in touch with me.
I don't know if anything will come of my call but I am hoping more than anything else it will save some frustrations for the next guy, or gal trying to use coupons. And at best that CSM needs to get a heavy warning.
WHEW! I had my first BAD, no make that really bad experience using coupons tonight and it was at a WM of all places.

The CSM threw the biggest hissy fit and made accusations like I was trying to be shady with my coupons!

But beyond all that mess I did end up getting:
7 free bags of IAMS puppy food.
6 more free bags of 10ct. Schick razors (used the LAST of those coupons)
6 more Suave lotions free -(last of those too!)
5 J&J Softlotions free.
1 free Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara.
3 free J&J Reach dental floss.

Not free:
Quaker snacks
and a pack of tweezers

I would have taken a picture to share with you, but I was so beyond livid from the nasty CSMs attitude that when I got home I just needed to put it away and try to calm down. Some people just don't understand that YES, you CAN end up getting stuff for free with coupons! She'd have really been pissed if I put back the stuff that wasn't free just to spite her. LOL

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Stamper Couponing Couple said...

Kristie do not take that. Call 1-800-walmart and report that. I use to work for Wal-Mart and they do not allow their workers to treat the customers that way. She had no right being mean to you, and you need to report it. I am sorry you had such an awful experience. I have those kind of trips about anytime I go anywhere except Kroger. I love my Krogers!!
Hope your next one is better!

Paperprincess34 said...

She was a manager, or just the cashier. Screw her. You werent doing anything shady, maybe she should watch tv once in a while. There are news blurbs on all the time about how to do what you do. So screw her. You go on and get your deals. Go on and report her.

Learnin2save said...

I am sorry that you had such an awful experience. I am glad you still got all of your free stuff though. Some people need a lesson in kindness and apparently couponing!