Monday, March 23, 2009

I've arrived.

The trip to DC was completely uneventful, thank goodness! We got in around 10:30pm and I did some web surfing at HCW and for the 50th time I came across the thread about free Gillette body wash at Target.
Well, I had ignored it all month because 1. The bottles were 8.4 oz. (smallish) size and I was getting plenty of full size bottles free at CVS. And 2. NO Target anywhere around me where I live.

So, I came across the thread again and re-read it. I realized that I had a bunch of the $2/1 bodywash coupons expiring on the 31st, plus I know CVS isn't doing any more deals on it this month so the coupons were going to go to waste. I pulled out my handy dandy GPS and found there was a Target only 3 miles from the hotel. SCORE!

The hubs and I ran in and came out with 14 free bottles! The cashier didn't speak english very well but I could understand her well enough to hear her amazement, "That makes these all free." As she smiled.

I also went in on a tip that the Dove Go Fresh trial size deodorants were free after coupon as well, but all they had were the regular Dove so that was a no go.

If I have enough time I want to try out the Walgreens up here. There's a deal where you can get a Fusion razor and pack of Northern TP for $1.38 OOP after coupons and RR. If it works I'll have Chris go in and do it too. I never turn down a chance to save money on TP!

Hope you all are doing good. Did everyone get in on my giveaway? Remember the drawing is on the 31st. Scroll down for the post about it if you have not entered yet.

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