Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't feel pressured to defend yourself.

I'm talking specifically about us hard-n-heavy couponers and stockpilers.

I read on a lot of message boards and other thrifty -deal seeking- blogs.
One thing that comes up again and again is the stockpiler, more often than not, seems to feel a need to justify why they bought so much of "X" product.

Like tonight, I was reading the blog of a friend that posted her loot of 100 boxes of pasta salad that she got for less than $4. Then goes on to say, "Relax they are not all for me. I'm only keeping a few and giving the rest to family and friends."

Same with the message borads. Poster will show a picture of her cupboard. Let's say she has 40 bottles of spaghetti sauce (for example). You know that a few replies down there will be someone that is bitter and jealous, and wants to crucify her over having so much of it. Here's the part where the original poster comes back and tries to defend themselves by saying they DO share with their parents, neighbors, etc.
It's enough to make any hard core couponer afraid to share their stock pictures for fear of being slapped on the writst about it.

Here's what I say. Any one else in their right mind wouldn't turn down free food, first of all. Secondly, if you were investigative enough to find the sale, then paid for the newspapers to get the coupons, or off ebay, or clipping service, or traded for the coupons, then drove on fuel that you paid for to get to the store...then I say you have nothing to apologize for. No reason to defend yourself!!

It's HARD work to keep all this coupon stuff straight. It takes time and a LOT of effort to find the best deals to keep our families fed. If you beat me to the store and take all 40 boxes of WHATEVER, then too bad for me! The early bird...

Chances are there's more than one of that store in town anyway. Maybe you'll luck up at the next one. If not then you have no one to be pissed at but yourself.

I just wish us couponers weren't made to feel like we have to justify buying in bulk. If a store has a great sale on some thing(s) my family uses and I can acquire the coupons to make the items free then you bet your sweet arse I'm gonna go get as much as I can. You don't need to know why I got so much, or tell me I am greedy, or ask me if I am really going to keep all that for myself?
My money, my coupons, my planning, my mileage on my car, MY BUSINESS!

Vent over.

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