Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am in such a good mood today!

Maybe it's because my hubs has been home for a week, (he's leaving soon- BOO!)
Maybe it is because of all the fantastic coupon deals that have surfaced lately.
Maybe it is because I got a couple etsy orders and my shop still has a teeny bit of a pulse left after all. I was about to pronounce it dead!
Most likely it is a combination of everything.

So anyway, I want to share a couple good coupon deals with my coupie buds out here in internet land...
Always Infinity 28, 32, or 36 ct. boxes are only .99/box at CVS right now after coupon.
Now read carefully. This is an unadvertised sale. When you get to CVS the Infinity shelf price still reads $10.79 (give or take depending on your area), but they scan for $4.99. Minus the $4/1 coupon from the previous P&G insert and you get them for only .99!
I have no personal need for these thanks to my precious little operation I had back when I was 21 so I am stocking up on them for my 14 yo. niece. Her mom doesn't coupon shop and typically buys here generics. Which she hates. lol I'm gonna be Aunt of the the year! =)

Starbucks Ice Cream for .58/pint.
If you like Starbucks ice cream and have the $2/1 coupons from this past weekends SmartSource inserts you can take those to Walmart and get each pint for .50-.58 each.
Some report that it is $2.50 at their stores while others report it is $2.58.
Either way .50/.58 is not a bad price. I plan to stock my deep freeze with a few pints for the summer. (IF my coupons ever get here from fee-bay!)

Need dental floss? It's...FREE!
There are $1/1 Reach dental floss coupons out now that do not expire until 5/30/2010. Yes, I said 2010. Walmart sells it for $1 a pack so, FREE!
If we had a free dental clinic around here I'd load up on this deal just to donate it.

So there you go. Grab your cheap pads, have a pint of Starbuck's ice cream and floss for free afterwards. LMBO

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Ryan said...

You are too cute Kristie! Thanks for passing along those deals.

Got your note in the mail yesterday! So sweet. No need to send me any stamps. Your thanks is enough.

Oh and BTW Fiona says thanks for the beggins. Those are her fave. We keep them well stocked. I got them real cheap a while back with some coupons. I think we have enough for the rest of the year. :-)