Saturday, June 13, 2009

After 6 long weeks...

After 6 long weeks my hubs is finally headed home!

Actually, make that almost 7 weeks when you factor in that it is an additional 5 day drive from CA to TN.

He's been all over CA, NV, WA and I'm ready to have him back here on the east coast where he belongs! HA. =)

We're going to go camping, just the two of us, for our 21st wedding anniversary. (Which is officially June 19th.)

He bought a bottle of wine and a smoked Salmon - somewhere out west- that we will dine on by the fire. Should be interesting since I only have alcohol once every couple of years and Chris NEVER drinks. lol But he promised me he would try to take at least one sip so I wouldn't be all alone. Come to think of it. For a guy that wants nothing to do with alcohol I'm not exactly sure why he even bothered buying it! lol


Ryan said...

Thats great news! You guys have a wonderful anniversary!

scrapper al said...

Happy anniversary!!