Saturday, June 20, 2009

It was a simple, yet happy 21st.

So the 19th of June was our 21st wedding anniversary. We kept it very low key. We went shopping at a couple of our favorite places in Sevierville, TN. Had a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel (Chris's favorite resturant, not so much mine), then we went to Starbucks, and last we went and saw a movie before heading back home. I guess it was more of date night thing than an anniversary thing but, oh well. We enjoyed ourselves and that is what matters.

When we first arrived in Sevierville we were thinking we'd rent a cabin for the night. We had even packed our overnight bags and everything. Then we found out it was going to be around $180/night with taxes.
I told Chris that unless he really had his heart set on it I'd rather just see a movie and go back home.
One main reason why I didn't want to drop that much $ on the cabin was because it was already 8pm when we got to it. Checkout time is 11AM.

Maybe I've been couponing so long that I've turned into a real cheapskate, but $180 for 15 hours in a cabin, 8 hours or so spent sleeping...
That leaves only 7 hours awake and lets be real. You can only be "intimate" for so long before even that gets old. Or maybe that's just me. lol
So I figured we'd basically be paying $180 for 8 hours sleep and at least 4 hours of watching TV. And maybe an hour in the hot tub? Not worth it. Not right now.

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