Monday, April 27, 2009

The shop.

Those of you that have Etsy shops, are sales picking up for you lately?
Mine has been all but dead all winter with a sparse order here and there.
Lately though it seems like sales are finally picking up a little. I've had 3 special orders over the past couple of weeks. One was a biggie. A wedding party order! That made my day.

I need to make and list a few new designs as I haven't sat down and played in my jewelry stuff in ages. I didn't see the need since nothing was selling. I also have a lot of other non jewelry things I want to list but I am wondering if that would be "retail suicide?" I've read over and again to pick one thing to sell to make a name for yourself, and stick to that. Problem is that I have so many other interests and things to offer the world besides jewelry. lol

I suppose I could always list them and see what happens. Couldn't hurt to try, right?

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scrapper al said...

What about having multiple shops? I've seen other sellers do that.

Kristie said...

Too much work -a.k.a. hassle- to manage two shops. Have to have different email addys and such for each one.
I might do that at a later point in time but not right now.