Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recent Freebies and a quilt update.

This is a mix of a CVS trip and a WalMart trip combined.

My CVS trip was .61 in loose change. I paid with 13.97 in ECBs and got back 12.97 in ECBs. The 3 SoftSoap body washes, 4 Colgate toothbrushes, 4 Air Wick Ultra Mini starter kits, 4 J&J Buddy Bars, 1 Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer, and the 6 J&J First Aid kits all came from CVS.

At Walmart the Air Wick I-Motion machines are on roll back for $5 and I had 14 $5/1 coupons so those were free except for taxes. The 9 packs of Kotex were .25/pack after coupon. Also the Purina Busy Chewnola 2 pack dog treat was free as the coupon for it was in a bag of Beggin' Strips that I had. So Ryan, check your Beggin' Strips for this coupon also.
After taxes I spent less than $6 for everything at Walmart.
Also, after two evenings my Christmas quilt is DONE! I intended to make it a table runner at first but then decided to use all the fabric blocks instead. It turned out lap blanket size. Perfect for relaxing on the sofa. I will post a picture if you promise not to give me a hard time about it being Christmas theme THIS time of year. But really, who has time to make a quilt at Christmastime, I ask you? lol

Oh and Happy Easter everyone!

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Cathy said...

Hello I was hoping you would share where you find such great coupons at? I was behind at lady at Target too and she had a cart full and only ended up paying $3 for the entire things. I dont get it.

Kristie said...

Hi Cathy,
Most Sunday newspapers have the coupons in them. I get the bulk of mine from friends and occasionally ebay IF the price is right and the sale makes the items I am getting free or really close to it.
My best advice would be to go to Hot Coupon World [dot] com and read, read, read. Ask questions. They have people there specifically to help you get started. =)