Sunday, April 05, 2009

Recycled & Repurposed

I wanted to show you what my friend Karen made for me. It is a bird feeder made out of all recycled and earth friendly materials. The base of the house is an old juice carton that she covered in peanut butter and rolled in bird seed. The roof and doorway is made of pine cone petals, moss for the grass and a pine cone "tree" in the yard. She then filled the inside with extra feed.
So what you get is a bird feeder that is edible both inside and out. I just love it and think the birds will too. Thanks Karen.


Ryan said...

I'm sure any bird would feel right at home in one of those creative houses! I like the way she used the pinecone pieces for the roof and around the opening.

It will be neat to see what type of bird chooses to move in.

Keep us updated!

scrapper al said...

What a nice gift! I hope the birds like it.