Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My .08 each Kraft salad dressing stockpile.

I went to WM today and bought 40 bottles of Kraft salad dressing. These were the ones that were only .08/bottle after coupon. I was even nice and gave my cashier a few of the coupons so she could get some for herself. Ain't I sweet! ;)

I had been waiting just for something like this to come along before stockpiling salad dressing. We go through it so fast that I wasn't about to pay full price! But eight cents a bottle I can do. lol

And I bet you're wondering if we can eat all this before it goes bad? Um, YES! Is isn't just for salads, you know. They make good meat marinades too. Besides that, left unopened they are actually still good for long past their (best by) date which shouldn't be confused for an expiration date.

And on a totally different subject...
Ryan and Miranda, your packages from the giveaway went postal today. Watch your boxes. =)

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Ryan said...

Kristie - care to share who you buy your coupons from online? I am having bad luck finding someone who doesn't charge 6.99 plus for one set of 20.

scrapper al said...

I know my family is smaller than yours, but even so, that's about five years worth of salad dressing for us, lol.

islandgirl said...

Hi Kristie, so about how long after the best by date would you go by? I always assumed best by and expired by were the same. I had salad dressing that expired 2 years ago in my cupboards unopened and threw them away, so just wondering.

Kristie said...

I read that as long as it is unopened it should be fine 6-8 months past the best by date.
This assumes it hasn't been in full sunlight, or exposed to extremely hot temperatures of course. HTH