Saturday, November 29, 2008

This week @ CVS (11/29/08)

Click for larger image.

I took a $2 ECB hit to get all of this tonight but it was worth it. I paid with an $11.99 extra buck and only got back $9.99. LOL
4 Febreze Air Effects. Love spraying my bed/room down with this stuff. Makes it smell good for a least three solid days.
3 bags Russell Stover Private Reserve Triple chocolate mousse.
2 bottles Dove Cream Oil lotion for extra dry skin.
2- 2ct. packs of 6 Hour Energy shots. Love these!
1 bag M&M Premiums mint chocolate.

That's $47.79 retail value for $2 in ECBs and .37 in change. The best part is that it is all stuff I can and will use.


Gabbriella said...

WOW! OK girlfriend you need to coach me at how to do this... I am $300 a month short on alimony & could really benefit from this. Got any hints for me?

Ryan said...

HI there! Where can I find out how to do this?