Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Do I have a sign in my yard...

that says please drop off your unwanted dogs here???

It's yet ANOTHER abandoned Pit Bull!! I don't know what it is with this breed but they always get dropped off on my street and find their way to my house and ultimately figure out how to use our doggy door! I am so angry with irresponsible pet owners. What is wrong with people?
We have Miss Faith, our pug, and she has her shots, she has been fixed, she has year round Frontline. She gets a treat every night promptly at 9pm. Same goes for out cat Bandit. It really isn't that hard to take proper care of your pets, people!

Anyway, this little lady was abandoned and guess why...She is PREGNANT! Very much so. So she is also very scared, starving for food and love. She is also extremely SWEET and affectionate. But most of all she needs a permanent home! I can properly care for the ONE dog, and the ONE cat that I have and that is all.

Because I am not heartless I let her come in and eat because like I said, she is pregnant and it was getting chilly outside. I also had to bathe her because she has fleas!!! She is totally smitten with Caleb and will not let him out of her sight. Are you seeing a pattern here? All Pit Bulls love Caleb so much. But that is beside the point.

I've contacted a lady that I hope will be able to help me with this unexpected situation. If all goes well she might be able to help me find this soon to be mommy a good home and a safe place to have her babies. Wish us luck folks. I can NOT keep her.

Faith is totally disgusted about the whole situation too.

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