Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gettin' In the Holiday Spirit Yet?

These are my "gingie babies." I collect gingerbread men and huddle them all together in my basket with a pip berry sprig, barn star, and one over-sized pear (which will be removed once I get more gingerbreads). lol

Remember the other demin stocking I made? Well, I made two more and thought I'd show ya how they turned out.

This stocking has a pocket on the front, just in case you've been naughty and a lump of coal is all you're getting. lol

My basket of cinnamon scented rose hips and other fixin's.

My (not so little) house that sits on my piano. I'm using this picture for my Christmas cards this year. Wouldn't a nativity scene look right at home in front of it? That's next on my list.
I also need to take a pic. of the Christmas tree. I took a couple but the lighting was all wrong!

I think that does it for now. Hope I've helped get you in the mood, if you weren't already. :)


Janera said...

cute, cute, cute stockings. . . . and I love those gingerbread men, for sure! If you're putting any on etsy, I may just have to get me some and make a little display for the big ole footrest in my living room.

I'm officially in the Christmas spirit now, since Thanksgiving is over and since I sent a certain package stuffed full of Christmas goodies. Should arrive by Wednesday if you've been a good girl! ;-)

I had more fun doing that stocking! Thanks for making it such a joy!

Bride2Be said...

Hello! I came across your blog and I must say that I LOVE gingerbreads too:) I was thinking of doing a post about them too. I also am a scrapbooker! Nice blog:)