Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Lovely Day

Note to A, The porch is screened in. Further on the left is an "outdoor" table and chairs with seating for 6 and a matching swing. The door is a huge one that slides open on a rail. I love our porch. And I still don't know why this stupid thing is underlining what I type!! lol

My hubs, as I call him. =)
Chris leaves out for Pasadena CA early, early in the AM. I have to get up at 4:45 to take him to the airport. I am not looking forward to that. But, his last day home couldn't have been nicer- weather wise. Chris manned the grill and made us a tasty dinner of rotisserie chicken, kielbasas, and other yummy things.
We ate dinner on the porch and just enjoyed one more day of having dad around.
While he was cooking I went up behind him and asked him if anyone ever told him how stunningly handsome he was, and the boys giggled like little school girls. I told them that wasn't meant for their ears, lol. Silly kids!
The chef!
Grill baby grill.
Caleb and Alex playing a game of pool. (Alex ran from the camera.)
And last but not least, Miss Faith. Can you honestly look at that picture and not smile???

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scrapper al said...

I love seeing your back porch. Is it open or screened in? What a great place to hang out.