Thursday, November 06, 2008

I was afraid of this.

Knowing that the stray dog was female and pregnant I feared that her and Faith might not get along.
Everything was kosher for the first couple of days. Faith didn't seem to mind the stray and the stray paid no attention to Faith.
Then tonight for no apparent reason the two got in a fight. It didn't last long because I pulled the stray one way and Alex pulled Faith another. It probably only lasted 20 or 30 seconds but that was long enough for me to decide the stray has to go.

Faith was walking by the couch where stray was laying. All of a sudden stray growls and snarls her lip. Faith being bull headed as she is decided she was going to show stray that she wasn't afraid of her. So she approached stray and growled back. Then it was ON!
Stray leaped off the couch and went straight for Faith's neck. Faith still didn't back down and was trying with all her might to get a bite in on the stray. That's when me and Alex jumped up and against my better judgment I began pulling on stray to separate them. -Yes, I know that was stupid. I could have been bitten real bad, but Faith is like one of my children and I was going to do whatever it took to keep Faith safe.

Now, I know that it wasn't entirely strays fault even though she was the one that initiated the fight. She is pregnant and she was finally starting to feel like this was her home, her domain.
But at the same time I can't understand why she just suddenly chose that one moment to decide to lash out when Faith and her had no trouble at all getting along before. It wasn't as if Faith tried to take food from her, or anything like that!

I didn't want to do it but stray has given me no other option but to chose between her and Faith. And I know that once her babies are born she will naturally be extremely aggressive and protective.
I have to chose Faith! Besides the fact that Faith is our baby, I've also got a TON of money tied up in her and I just can't risk her life for stray.
So later today stray will be taking a ride to the local animal shelter. I fear she will not live to see next week, but at this point my hands are tied.
Right now she is locked off the porch so that she can not gain access to the doggy door. Which means that Faith has to go potty on the porch until morning when the shelter opens up. I hate that this happened before I had a chance to find her an owner, but as is true so many times in life we have to make touch choices. Yeah, I was afraid of this...

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scrapper al said...

Sorry you have to do this. You did the best you could.