Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gearing up for CVS tonight.

My regular readers know how I spend my Saturday nights by now. I spend them at CVS.
Tonight's plan isn't a very big one. I'll be picking up a Maybelline Mineral Foundation, Crest Spinbrush Pro, and some contact solution. Do I wear contacts? Nooooo. Then why am I getting it? Cause they are paying me to take it! DUH. lol I'll give it to my neice that wears contacts.
I'll also be getting a couple packs of Duracell batteries free.

This little plan is a money maker. I'll spend $15 in extra bucks and get back $19.98, so a $4.98 money maker and It will only cost me around .48 in (real) money for all of it.

I wouldn't normally bother with the drive to town for such a small plan but DS has a plan, as does my friend Karen. So that makes it more worthwhile.

I can't believe I ever used to pay for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, medicines, candy, razors, lotions, shampoo, deodorants with REAL money when you can get it for free, and in a lot of cases get PAID to take the stuff! Oh all those wasted years that I lived in the dark.

Remember these pictures from last year? STOCKPILE
I need to take new pictures because there is just so much more now. So, SO much more! lol

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Janera said...

Oh. My. Sweet. Mercy. Woman! I have just spent a long while reading backwards through your posts and drooling all over my keyboard at your amazing earrings!

Now, listen to me. I knew you made beautiful stuff with your sewing machine and your textiles, but Lordy! I wanted to eat some of those earrings you've made. lol

Your talent amazes me, dear one. You are very blessed!