Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Black Friday" @ CVS this morning.

You are looking at $222.38 in product that I got for less than $2 cash. In fact I paid with $53.99 in Extra Bucks (after coupons) and got back $83.35 in return. So, I actually got PAID an extra $29.36! Now that's what I call a very productive morning.

6 Gatorade G2
4 Schick razors
4 Colgate toothpastes
3 Bic Soleil razors
2 Magnavox Universal remote controls
2 Phillips Ear bud headphones
2 Johnson's Softlotions
2 Aussie shampoo/conditioner
2 Maybelline Mineral liquid foundations
2 Lipsheers lip glosses
2 5 Hour Energy Shots
1 CG Smoothers foundation
1 Garnier Nutritioniste facial cleansing wipes
1 Platex tampons
1 Maybelline pressed powder foundation
1 king size Hershey bar
1 reg. size Hershey bar

I think that is everything.
One thing I like about doing the CVS plans with my friend is that we can trade our stuff. I don't need tampons thanks to modern medicine, and she doesn't use the Soleil razors. So, we are always helping each other out that way.
And the cashiers were all in a good mood today and we talked about how much fun it is to work up plans and see what all we can get for next to nothing out of pocket. It makes such a difference to have employees that really "GET" it and cheer you on. Thank you CVS for a FUN morning. And I am ever indebted to my good internet friend Valerie for turning me on to this hobby. This year our family has enjoyed over $7,000 in free, useful items thanks to you! :)


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