Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Afghan update and other mumbo jumbo.

I am finished on the afghan. It's in the washer now and then it will take a spin in the dryer to soften it up. I will update with a picture soon. Probably later today. :)

Chris is still in Roxboro at that same WM location. I'm starting to think my dear hubby will never be home again. - Chris, if you're reading this, try to get home before the new year if you can. sigh. lol

I've got a strong urge to begin stockpiling food. Things like canned/ jar goods and some boxed things with long a shelf life. Can't really do meats because our side by side fridge barely has enough room for meats and freezer items for one week at a time. It's a pitiful excuse for a freezer. Need to invest in a deep freeze some day soon.
I prefer frozen veggies when I can't get fresh, so it would be nice to have extra frozen veggies on hand too.
So next on my agenda is to make a list of things that we use and have a long shelf life. I'll pick a category, i.e, canned foods, bottled sauces like spaghetti and BBQ/items, frozen, and boxed, and pick one category each week to stockpile. I think I'll start with the canned goods since I actually have a place to put some of that fairly easily right now. I want to get some cranberry sauce, canned/jar gravies/broths, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk (for my fabulous fudge!), with the holidays coming up they will be plentiful and on sale.
I guess I'm about to learn the shelf life of Stove Top. lol My DS loves that stuff.

If anyone has any suggestions of certain food items that are long lasting and great for stocking up on please let me know. This is a new arena for me.

Ok, before I bore everyone to tears with my food ramblings I guess I'll call it a night.

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